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With this service, you can set up Bitbucket to send an email message to a given email address when the repository is updated. The email service sends an email with diffs.  Currently, you can only forward to a single email address. If you are having trouble with the service, see Troubleshoot Bitbucket services.

Setting Up the service

 You must have administrative access on a repository to add this service.

  1. Go to the repository's settings.
  2. Click Services in the left-hand navigation.
    The Services page appears.
  3. Select the Email Diff service from the service dropdown.
  4. Click Add service.
    A new section appears for the Email Diff service.
  5. Enter the following information:


    Enter the email address where Bitbucket should send the email messages.

  6. Press Save.


  1. Anonymous

    Pretty surprised the diffs are not colored or even pigmented.... 

    1. Good point.  Please feel free to file an enhancement request.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree, some formatting / colors would be nice

  3. Anonymous

  4. Noticed a little while ago that Bitbucket had the Email Diff hook, had only seen the Email one until now.

    This document clearly states that only a single address is currently supported, but I was able to add up to 7... Not to sure if the mails will actually reach all those 7 people, but at least the hook configuration dialogue accepted all those address. However, when I added the 8th address it did start to fail, with the Chrome console revealing that Bitbucket was returning a 500 Internal Server error every time I pressed "OK" after entering the addresses.

    Any timetable for when this hook will accept more than one address? Thanks!

  5. It is sad to see that this hook is still not updated to have any formatting in place, which make reading diff a pain rather than any help. I have to disable it after trying.

    1. Good day and thanks for commenting, 

      There is an open issue to redress this which you can vote up and promote: better format for email hook.

      It looks like we don't have that in our backlog at the moment but we do watch issues and listen to what you say.

      Thanks again for taking the time to let us know.

      1. well, I am pleased to see this is being monitored.

        Sometimes, small issues like this drive the preference: github don't have fancy color or pigments etc. Just simple indentions, spacing, and mono fonts make a big difference on readability. I am guessing the development/testing time of that is minimal, but I am not in the trench, so it is probably not my place to say. Anyway, I up-voted the issue, hopefully someone will pay attention.