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If you don't know what SSH and public keys are, you should read Use the SSH protocol with Bitbucket.  Otherwise, choose the instructions appropriate for your situation:


  1. Anonymous

    someone new to this is going to copy/paste that RSA block into their account and get screwed royally.. can't the comment be deleted?

    1. Odd, didn't come over in the auto notifications. This is deleted. Thanks for your comment, which did come over.

    2. like an idiot I followed Anthonys directions to the letter and got screwed..what text are you SUPPOSED to put in for Add Key?

  2. Anonymous

    I guess I also followed these directions to the letter.  It's good that you've removed the bad advice, but now I don't know what I did or why it is bad.  "Screwed royally" doesn't sound good... 

    To be clear I can use the bitbucket website to participate in my project, but I'd rather use Mercurial.  But when I type

    $hg pull

    I am prompted for a password, which I no longer have.  Should I delete this key in the Passwords and Keys menu (on Ubuntu)? 

    Thanks for your advice. 

  3. Anonymous

    Key begins form "ssh-rsa" and ends to "==". It is what You should paste into editbox.
    1. Please don't try to copy/paste just that portion. Paste the entire contents of the .pub file. We automatically will strip out everything after the ==.

  4. I have a question about GIT + Bitbucket .... Saving the password is not git? Because every time I do a "git pull / git fetch / git push" is prompted for the password ... How to solve this? *Sorry for my english*

    1. Good day Leonardo,

      If you look at the Set up Git section the second step for either Windows or Mac is how to install a credential helper which will pass your credentials for you when ever you take an action in Git. (smile) 

      Hope this helps.