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To view a list of keyboard shortcuts for the current Bitbucket context, press ? (question mark) on your keyboard.

Bitbucket comes with keyboard shortcuts you can use to quickly access pages and features. To use these shortcuts, the Bitbucket page must be active in your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). So, for example, in Firefox to make a page active you click its tab. Once you have an active window you are free to use any of the shortcuts. Most shortcuts are a combination of keys where you press one key and then the next in sequence, such as g then i to go to your inbox. Some shortcuts are a single key press, such as / (forward slash) to put your cursor in the search field.

Don't like keyboard shortcuts? You can disable them on your Account settings page. Just uncheck the box marked Keyboard shortcuts.


  1. One of the reasons I prefer bitbucket.   I would like to see a "new issue" shortcut though as well as others in the issue tracker drop-down.  Even if you could only access them from the issues page.

  2. Anonymous

    It'd be really nice if there was a shortcut to create an issue

  3. As prev commenters already said would be nice to have shortcuts that work with issue (create, comment, resolve, ect)

    1. Vasyl, please comment on or watch this enhancement request.