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Anyone can create an individual account or a team on Bitbucket. When you create an account, you sign up for a specific monthly payment plan. Your account's plan limits the number of users you can add to your private repositories. All plans allow you an unlimited number of users with access to all of your accounts public repositories. The available plans are:

Monthly CostsUser limit for
private repositories †
User limit for
public repositories





† Individual accounts include you (the user owning the account) toward the user limit. A team includes the members (including you) and other non-members with access.

This page contains the following topics:

Make sure you understand how users accumulate on your plan

Each user given access to a private repository counts to your plan.  If you give others administrator permission to your private repositories, they can add and remove users too. When administrators give a new user access to a private repository, Bitbucket checks the repository owner account and increments the plan count.  If the user count exceeds the account's plan limit:

  • all non-administrators only have read access to the account's private repositories
  • the repository owner still has write access to each repository
  • administrators can still administer the repository

The account owner can increase the plan. Or, administrators can remove excess users to reduce the user count  limit. Once your account is within its plan limit, everyone's access returns to normal.


If you do not pay your accounts renewal fees, your plan is automatically downgraded to a free plan with a five user limit. In this case, you must renew or adjust access to your private repositories accordingly.

Viewing the users that count toward your plan limit

You grant users access to private repositories using the repository administration dialogs. You can also see how many users have access across all of your private repositories. To check if you are within your plan limit, do the following:

  1. Log into your Bitbucket acount.
  2. Choose avatar > Account from the menu bar.
  3. Click the Plans and billing option.

You can see all the users who have access to your private repositories. You can also remove users from this list. This is particularly useful if you need to reduce the number of users that count towards your plan.

Upgrading from a free account to a paid plan

Individual Plan
  1. Select avatar > Manage account from the menu bar.
  2. Select Plans and billing from the left hand navigation.
  3. Press Change plan
    The plan page appears. 
  4. Press Choose for the plan you want.
    The system redirects you to to complete the purchase.  
  5. (Optional) Sign into your existing account.
    Doing this will link your Bitbucket account to your existing account.
Team Plan
  1. Click on Teams in the menu bar and select your team.
  2. Select Manage Team account from the upper right of the page.
  3. Select Plans and billing from the left hand navigation.
  4. Press Change plan
    The plan page appears. 
  5. Press Choose for the plan you want.
    The system redirects you to to complete the purchase.  

Changing the Payment Method Associated with Your Account

To change the credit card or payment associated with your account, do the following:

  1.  In your browser, navigate to the site.
  2.  Sign-in with the email address you used when you signed up. 
    If you cannot remember your password, you can follow to reset it. 
  3. Locate the products section and the links to edit your account billing details.

Paying by Invoice

You can get an annual invoice to pay for a year in advanced.  Send an email to with your request.  If you want to get invoiced for an existing Bitbucket account, be sure to include the account name in your email.

An example of how user plan limits work

For example, with the free 5 user limit plan:

  • Under an individual account, the plan allows 5 users including the owner.  
  • Under a team account, the plan allows 5 users in addition to the team – the team is the owner but it doesn't count towards the user limit.
A free plan for an individual account

Let's assume that Sarah has a free user account. Her free account gives her five user across her private repositories. She owns two
private repositories:


Sarah also owns a public repository: SarahTestPublic

Don, Susan, Peter and Paul have Bitbucket accounts with access to Sarah's repositories:

SarahTestPrivateDon, Susan
SarahTestPublicPeter, Paul

Sarah's user count is 3 — Don, Susan, and Sarah the account holder

A free plan for a team account

CoolioInc is a team account under a free plan. Patty created the team from her individual account, called PattyAlone. The
company has three private repositories:


And one public repository called OpenAPI

Patty adds five individual accounts as members of CoolioInc --- Todd, John, Ellen, Frank, in addition to her own PattyIndv account. All the members belong to the Developer group. PatthyAlone is the only member of the Administrator group.

UberProductDeveloper + Administrator
CoolChatDeveloper + Administrator
WeBeNeatTodd, John, and Administrator group
OpenAPI8 external users + Developer group

CoolioInc has a user count of 5 – Todd, John, Ellen, Frank, and PattyAlone.


All repositories have unlimited storage. See What kind of limits do you have on repository/file/upload size? for more information.Managing the Groups for your Bitbucket Account


  1. Anonymous

    Is it possible to get invoices for the payments?

    1. You can get an annual invoice to pay for a year in advanced.  Send an email to with your request.  If you want to get invoiced for an existing Bitbucket account, be sure to include the account name in your email.

  2. Anonymous

    If I create a free team account using my existing account, can I later transfer the full ownership to another account, so that another user will be able to also upgrade the team account from free to a paid plan?

    1. I'm sorry, I'm not sure I follow the question. If you are the owner of a team account, you can always transfer the account to another user. Once you transfer the ownership, the other user can upgrade or downgrade the team account at will.  If this isn't clear, please send an email to for more information.

  3. Anonymous

    Is the atlassian account separate from the bitbucket account to submit a payment?  Assuming I already have a free plan under bitbucket and want to upgrade, do I need to create an account at my.atlassian, bind my bitbucket account and then submit the payment? 

    1. Yes, the process is exactly as you describe it. You'll need an Atlassian account to upgrade and pay for Bitbucket. When you choose to upgrade from Bitbucket, you'll be walked through this process.

  4. Anonymous

    I have a individual free account, and I have create 2 free team accounts, because I work for 2 different companies. Can I have 5 different users in each team account? Example: I have my user, that is the owner of  these 2 team accounts: CompanyABC and CompanyXYZ. In CompanyABC, I will add John, Peter and Mary. In CompanyXYZ I will add Cris, Will and Charles. Am I able to do this, with free accounts?

  5. Anonymous

    Let's say I don't have any Plans(BitBucket) or I am a free user of BitBucket. And I create private repo where I don't share with any other users i.e. the source code is managed and maintained by me only. So, in this case how many private repo I can create ?

    1. Free users can create as many private repositories as you like.  What is limited is the number of users working on those repositories.  Sounds like there is only you, so you can create 10 or 100+ private repos.  

  6. I'm on the 10 users plan and currently using 5 of 10. One of my coworkers has a free account and has a fork of on of my repository. I'm trying to push a commit to his fork but I'm not able to, BitBucket send me and error even though I'm set as admin in his fork:

    abort: HTTP Error 402: Plan limit exceeded

    Is it because my coworker is on a free plan?

    1. If you are pushing to his fork and receiving this error, ask him to check his plan.  Sounds like he has given more than 5 users access to his private repos.

      1. He doesn't, I've just check it with him. His username is: osnysantos

        1. This user is over their plan limit. They can check who is contributing from the Plans and Billing page of their own account administration screen.

          1. You're right. He was using 7 of 5 because of the members of the team who owns one of the repo he has forked.

            I think it's best for us to use just branches and no forks. I really wish to have fine control over merging but paying for each user who has a fork is no good (sad)

            Thank you for you help!

  7. Anonymous

    How does "Invite your friends to Bitbucket and we'll give you up to 3 additional users free." feature work?
    I've invited few people, and the limit has been increased to 7, however when I try to add people to my team, I get an error which says the team "needs space for 6 users to complete this action, but is currently on the 5 user plan."

    I'm the Administrator user to the team.

    Please guide. 

    Warm Regards