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Your Bitbucket wiki's support for the Creole syntax is fully compatible with the Creole 1.0 specification. For reference, see this page from WikiCreole and this page from Wikipedia (which includes table syntax).   

Bitbucket macros for Creole

Bitbucket wikis support Markdown, Creole, reStructuredText, and Textile syntax; The Bitbucket macros work only in wikis that use the Creole markup language.  The macro format is a single keyword surrounded by bracket characters:


See Macro Reference for Creole Markup for a list of the macros and their syntax.  Or checkout the cheat sheet created by Tom Roche, a Bitbucket user.

Comments and messages all use Markdown syntax.  There is special Bitbucket markup that you can use to link to Bitbucket objects from comments and messages. 

Creoleparser from Google

Creoleparser page from Google (Bitbucket's Creole engine) lists some available additional elements:

Bitbucket supports these additional elementsElements Bitbucket does not support
  • Plug-in/Extension
  • Monospace
  • Superscript
  • Subscript
  • Underline
  • Definition lists
  • Alternate link syntax
  • Indented paragraph


Use syntax highlighting in a wiki


  1. Anonymous

    Strike element should be listed too... It's usefull.

    1. Anonymous

      It is great for me to find the Special Support for Creole.It helps me a lot to enhance my knowledge, 

  2. Anonymous

    I wish Markdown/MultiMarkdown was supported.

  3. Anonymous

    It would be useful to have a preview of the markup, too.

  4. These are perfect enhancement requests. You should file them here:

  5. Anonymous

    Subitems syntax in wiki unordered lists don't seem to work, they come out bold for me... for example:

    * Level 1

    ** Level 2


    Result is:

    • Level 1

    Level 2

  6. Anonymous

    External links including hashtags which are integers (e.g. [[]]) are interpreted by the markup engine as references to issues in the integrated issue tracker.

  7. Anonymous

    Can wiki syntax be used in commit messages? It works for me on issues, but in commit messages I just see plain text without rendering of wiki markup at all... (sad)

    1. Creole markup is not supported in commit messages; only in the Wiki. We don't support any official markup languages in the commit messages.  You can use the Bitbucket macros which look like Markdown but aren't.  My apologies for the confusion. I'll see what I can do to tune the docs.