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When you add a repository to Bitbucket, you also get a wiki. The wiki is a simple place to keep documents. Some people use it as their project home page. The wiki is a Mercurial/Git repository, so you can clone it and edit it like any other source files  For example, take a look at the TortoiseHg wiki on Bitbucket.

Want to Improve or Comment on our Wiki Feature?

Our development team reviews issues in our issue tracker to help prioritize new production features. If you want to request functionality or otherwise comment on the Wiki feature, your voice is best heard by filing an issue on the issue tracker. You can view a list of open Wiki issues here or here.

Supported Markup Languages

Bitbucket wikis support Creole, Markdown, reStructuredText, and Textile syntax.   There is special Bitbucket markup that you can use to link to Bitbucket objects from wikis.

In some cases, you can use a Bitbucket macro or the Bitbucket markup to do the same thing. The Bitbucket markup works in all languages; The Bitbucket macros work only with Creole markup. 

Detailed Wiki How To Guides

The following pages provide detailed information on using a Bitbucket wiki.


  1. Anonymous

    I can't see the wiki pages I create after pressing Home. How do I list all my wiki pages?

    1. The best way to do this is to clone the Wiki and work with it on your local drive.  See the section Updating your wiki pages above.

      1. I cannot find the mentioned section about Updating your wiki pages. ??

        1. Guntbert, I need to prune that comment. The page has changed see: Viewing and Editing Wiki Pages instead.

  2. If I fork a repo, does the associated wiki come into the fork too? i.e. can I create a pull request for wiki changes from my fork back to the master repo?

  3. Anonymous

    does this mean that anything created on web can be deleted or can't be viewed?

    It seems that the formatting options/icons are also gone.

  4. Anonymous


    Is it possible to add a menu to our wiki so we can easily browse wiki pages on the bitbucket website?


    1. Anonymous

  5. Anonymous


    Very unintuitive that the pages are not visible on the web

  6. Anonymous

    (apologies in advance for bad language)

    Seriously, wake the fuck up.

    You need to be able to view all the pages you have created online. This is 2012. I can edit, build and deploy applications online. I certainly expect a company the understands wikis to grok this.

    • It does NOT make sense to have work locally on a wiki just to see the pages I wrote
    • It is not "wrong" or "unwiki" to be able to see your pages
    • This is not a side issue, or an enhancement

    Please just start by implementing /wiki/pages in a simple RESTian fashion and go from there.

    1. I can hear your frustration.  The documentation is not the best place to get the attention of the developers though.   You should file an enhancement request for this.  Bitbucket has a lot of features and, in part, the team prioritizes their work by the issues raised by customers on our tracker.

  7. Anonymous

    Is there a way to submit a pull request from a wiki in a forked repository to the wiki in the "upstream" repository?

    1. Currently, no.  You can request new functionality via our issue tracker.

  8. Anonymous

    Is it possible to have a Private wiki - with public rights to view ?

    1. Currently, no.  You can request new functionality via our issue tracker.

  9. Anonymous

    we can update bitbucket file using php script ?

    1. As the wiki is simply another repository, you can use whatever tools that you have access to and create/update/delete any wiki pages you like. Try asking this question on to get some ideas as to how you can do this.

  10. Anonymous

    Are there any plans to open the wiki core (like GitHub did with Gollum)?

  11. Currently, no.  You can request new functionality via our issue tracker.

  12. Anonymous

    Support for Confluence Wiki syntax anyone ? Support for importing CSV into the BitBucket issue tracker ?

    This is very frustrating, and quite a waste of time.


    1. I'm sorry you are frustrated.  The development team watches the Twitter feed very closely. If you have a Twitter account, you can tweet to that and they'll see it.

  13. Anonymous

    huh.  i don't understand all the venom here.  this works pretty much like i expected (isn't it similar to what github has?).  maybe the problem is calling it a "wiki" - that normally implies things like automatic links and online editing.  so this isn't really a wiki, it's support for markdown docs (or rst or whatever).  which is just what i need.  so thanks.

  14. Hello.

    Can i work with math formulas in Markdown files? TeX or LaTeX syntax  is needed for me because i want to write online documentation for my project with mathematics and physics formulas.

    I found one new project named Markdown Here. Cool project for work with mail in web browser with Markdown syntax.

    Math in Markdown file

    Thank you.

    1. We don't offer special markup for math or formula in Markdown.  You can request new functionality via our issue tracker.  Perhaps one of the other languages we offer in Wiki's would have something you can use. Bitbucket wikis support CreolereStructuredText, and Textile syntax.

  15. Anonymous

    So how does one embeds code in a list? (Markdown)

    I have following:

    * something here

    This renders code as generic code, but how on earth do I specify the language for correct highlighting?

    If I use

    * something here

    The code is not a part of the list.

  16. Anonymous


    So how does one embed code in a list? (Markdown)

    I have following:

    * something here

    This renders code as generic code, but how on earth do I specify the language for correct highlighting?

    If I use

    * something here

    The code is not a part of the list.

  17. The Bitbucket Wiki settings page shows the message "Confluence connects teams with the content and co-workers they need to get work done, faster. Try Confluence free for 30 days". I already have a confluence on demand account and I'm hoping there's some way of using my confluence account as a repository wiki, but so far I've found no way to connect the two products (bitbucket and confluence) in any meaningful way. Any advice on how or if I can do this?

  18. how can i view a wiki 'full screen'? ie without surrounding bitbucket menu bars?

    I'd like to do this so i can save pages as pdf from my browser.


    1. Not at this time. You can request new functionality via our issue tracker.


  19. I have a same question as Simon Tuck.. we have our wiki in Confluence and want to connect to that from BitBucket.. where we have our repository. Is there a way to connect BitBucket and Confluence ??

    1. Guys, any update on that topic?


      1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. As far as I am aware there is not currently a feature to connect Bitbucket wiki's to Confluence. You can open a feature suggestion and add your voice. (smile)

        Thanks again.

  20. Is there a plan to implement the search functionality in the Bitbucket wiki?

  21. Is there a way to connect (and/or access) the Bitbucket wiki with (from) Jira? (I don't want to use Confluence)