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Bitbucket is a hosting site for the distributed version control systems (DVCS) Git and Mercurial. The service offering includes an issue tracker and wiki, as well as integration with a number of popular services such as Basecamp, Flowdock, and Twitter.

Getting started

Japanese docs translation

Japanese - 日本語.

Administering Bitbucket

Bitbucket Teams
Create and manage a team

Plans and billing
Manage user plans and payments

Administer a repository
Manage repository settings and access


Extend Bitbucket

Use the Bitbucket REST APIs
Create applications to use with Bitbucket.

Link to a web service
Create links to other applications or services.

Use the JIRA DVCS Connector Add-on
For development with JIRA workflows.

Troubleshooting and support 

Bitbucket server status
View or subscribe to the current status of our systems

Knowledge Base
Recent technical articles and problem resolutions

Search for answers, issues, and contact support.

Atlassian community answers to common Bitbucket questions.

Feature request
Search for (and vote on) or submit your feature request.

Popular topics

Use the SSH protocol with Bitbucket
Learn how to create and maintain SSH access to Bitbucket

Import code from an existing project
Learn how to bring existing source code into Bitbucket

How to install a public key on your account
Learn how to create and maintain public access keys



    1. Anonymous

      Are these the chart of comparisons of software commons ? 

  1. Anonymous

    Dear sir,

    I have already create the account in the bit bucket and already i have installesd the source tree in our computer..I want to try add the some source code through the source's easily add in the source tree..after that when i want to view the same code through the bit bucket then it's not possible..sir please help me to access the code through bit bucket account..

    1. I apologize for the delay in replying.

      Do you want to edit or just view the code in Bitbucket? To view the code you added, log in to Bitbucket and click Source, then navigate to the file you want to view.

      If you want to edit your code online follow the instructions here.