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The repositories endpoint has a number of resources you can use to manage repository resources. For all repository resources, you supply a  repo_slug that identifies the specific repository.  For example, the repo_slug for the repository thg  is  thg .  The following resources are available on repositories:

The repositories endpoint allow you to control aspects of a repository.  An individual respository structure has the following fields:

scmThe source control manager for the repository. This is either hg or git.
has_wikiA boolean indicating if the repository has a wiki.
descriptionA string containing the repository's description.
linksAn array of related objects.
updated_onA date timestamp of the last update to this repository.

Control the rules for forking this repository. Available values are:

  • allow_forks: unrestricted forking
  • no_public_forks: restrict forking to private forks (forks cannot be made public later)
  • no_forks: deny all forking
created_onAn ISO-8601 date timestamp of this repository's creation date.
ownerThe owner's account.
sizeThe size of the repository in bytes.
parentThe parent repository this repository was forked off (only present on forks). This is a repository object itself.
has_issuesA boolean indicating a repository has an issue tracker.
is_privateA boolean indicating if a repository is private or public.
full_nameThe unique key into the repository. This key has the format: {owner}/{repo_slug}
nameThe display name of the repository.
languageThe main (programming) language of the repository source files.

GET a list of repositories for an account

Gets the list of repositories associated with an account. If the caller is properly authenticated and authorized, this method returns a collection containing public and private repositories. Otherwise, this method returns a collection of the public repositories. This produces a paginated response.

ownerYesThe account of the repo owner.
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GET a list of all public repositories

Gets a list of all the public repositories on Bitbucket.  This produces a paginated response. Pagination only goes forward (it's not possible to navigate to previous pages) and navigation is done by following the URL for the next page.

The returned repositories are ordered by creation date, oldest repositories first. Only public repositories are returned.

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  1. GET a list of repositories for an account should be 




  2. I have few questions.

    1. How can I get the full list of the valid "language" value? I have to take it from the admin page?
    2. In the repository creation page, there is some rules to change repository name to "repo_slug". ex) jquery.ui  will be jquery.ui, but jquery/ui will be jquery-ui. How can I get to know about these rules?
      1. How can I get the full list of the valid "language" value? I have to take it from the admin page?

      Yeah, currently there's no endpoint to list them all, unfortunately.

      Feel free to raise an issue at for it though.

      How can I get to know about these rules?

      When specifying a name on repo creation, or when using the admin page to rename one, we "sluggify" the name that is provided. We don't have the exact rules documented, but it's essentially to make sure than any chars that are problematic for URLs (like spaces, question marks, etc), are taken out.


      1. Thank you Erik van Zijst [Atlassian]. I'm gonna check it out.

        BTW, I cannot access It looks like an Atlassian's internal repository. 


        1. It's the issue tracker for Bitbucket itself. Just click on issues:

  3. Any reason why the repositories in the collections above do not contain fork or star count? The old API used to and it was removed for some reason. Now it doesn't seem to be available anywhere.

  4. Anonymous

    What is the best way to get all the branches in a repository?