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  1. Generic question:

    How can I move an existing test session to a different story?


    More specific question:

    We have an app for iOS and Android. In jira, we have 1 project, but keep each requirement in 2 stories - one for android and one for iOS. When I create a test session in the Android story, what's the quickest way to copy this test session to the related iOS story?


    For now, I help myself by relating this 1 test session to both stories (button "edit session" in test session detail view). But separate test sessions would definitely be the better way to do it.

    1. I would very much like to use this feature either.

  2. Can you re-open a closed session that was closed in error?

  3. I would really like a feature that lets me prioritise sessions in the same way that issues are prioritised in JIRA (smile)