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  • Bonfire 1.0 Beta Release Notes

JIRA Capture (previously Bonfire) is now called Capture for JIRA. Learn more.

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7 June 2011

Atlassian presents Bonfire 1.0 BETA. Capture issues in the browser, take screenshots and annotate, track testing activity. Bonfire is a rapid testing tool for everyone on your team.

Note - A Beta release is a preliminary release leading up to the official release of Bonfire, and is not officially supported for use in a production environment.

Highlights of this release:

If you are currently running JIRA 4.3.x and are using an LDAP user directory, there is a known issue for authenticating with the Bonfire browser extensions. For more information and a workaround, please refer to this issue

Highlights of Bonfire


Capture issues quickly from anywhere

Bonfire allows you to quickly capture issues to JIRA from any web page without browsing away and losing your context. The Bonfire browser extension is available for all the major browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

To capture an issue is now only one click away in your browser.


Attach screenshots to captured issues

You can quickly attach screenshots to any issue you raise with Bonfire. The screenshot is taken in the browser, so there is no longer any need switch to other applications when attaching screenshots with your issues.



We've taken screenshots even further with a full set of screenshot annotation functions. Bonfire gives you all the annotation tools you come to expect from a screenshot annotation tool, including:

  • Draw rectangles, ellipses, lines and arrows
  • Insert text anywhere
  • Zoom in for a closer look
  • Blur tool to protect sensitive information


Template issues

To make it even easier to create issues, Bonfire allows you to create templates. Templates will automatically populate an issue with your predefined fields, so you don't have to go through the tedious task of filling in everything yourself.


Dynamic variables

You can make templates even more powerful with dynamic variables. Variables allow you to pre-populate issues in templates with dynamic content. When the template is used, the variables are automatically transformed for you.

You can create your own variables too using Javascript.


Introducing test sessions to JIRA

With test session, you can plan and track the manual testing activity that needs to be done against an issue or project. Any issues captured, or time worked during testing, will be directly linked back to the issue you were working on.

You can see all the sessions that are planned, in progress, or completed for an issue.

With the Bonfire browser extension, you can also start working on sessions directly from your browser.


We welcome your feedback

Thanks for being part of Bonfire beta! We love to hear from you. To give us feedback, you can fill in the feedback form on an test sessions tab in JIRA.

You can also visit our issue tracker at:

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