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30 August 2011

The Atlassian team is proud to present Atlassian Bonfire 1.2! In this release, Atlassian Bonfire brings you the ability to create defects as sub-tasks of your related issue in session.

Highlights of this release:

Upgrading Bonfire?

Atlassian Bonfire 1.2 includes updates to the JIRA server plugin, as well as major updates to client browsers. All browser extensions will need to be upgraded by visiting the "Get Bonfire" page from your JIRA instance after the server plugin is upgraded. For more information on upgrades, check out our Capture for JIRA Upgrade Guide.

Please note that with version 1.2 of Bonfire, JIRA 4.2.4 will no longer be supported.

Highlights of Bonfire


Create Sub-Tasks

Atlassian Bonfire now allows you to create defects as sub-tasks. When you're creating an issue with Atlassian Bonfire in your browser, any valid sub-task types in JIRA for your current issue in session will be selectable.

You can also create templates for sub-tasks, just like you would for any other type of issue you want to create. However, these templates will only be usable if you have a valid issue related to the session, and the issue can have sub-tasks.


Wiki renderable session notes

In release 1.1, we've added wiki rendering capability for additional session information field. In this release, we extend that by allowing you to input wiki formatted session notes as well.


User drop downs

User drop downs (including assignee) are now much user friendlier with a drop down of available users.


We welcome your feedback

We love to hear from you. To give us feedback, you can fill in the feedback form on any test sessions tab in JIRA.

You can also visit our issue tracker at: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/BON

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