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31 January 2012

The Atlassian team is proud to present Atlassian Bonfire 1.9! In this release, we take sharable templates even further by allowing you to share variables inside your templates.

Highlights of this release:

Upgrading Bonfire?

Atlassian Bonfire 1.9 includes updates to the JIRA server plugin, as well as major updates to client browsers. All browser extensions will need to be upgraded by visiting the "Get Bonfire" page from your JIRA instance after the server plugin is upgraded. For more information on upgrades, check out our Capture for JIRA Upgrade Guide.


Highlights of Bonfire

Shared variables in templates

In Bonfire 1.7, we brought the ability to share templates between users, but this didn't include any variables used in those templates.

In this release, we are proud to bring you the full capability for users to share variables as well within templates.

To make use of a shared variable, you simply mark it as a favorite from the list of available templates shared by your team mates. When using variables from other users, Bonfire allows you to confirm the javascript to be run from your browser, to protect against malicious javascript running.


Required fields

When creating issues or templates in Bonfire, we now ensure that all the correct information is filled in by marking all required field.


Bonfire events in activity streams (JIRA 5 RC3 Only)

Bonfire events are now published to JIRA's activity stream as well with the latest improvements to JIRA activity streams. So you can keep an eye on all the testing activity in your project.



And more...

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We welcome your feedback

We love to hear from you. To give us feedback, you can fill in the feedback form on any test sessions tab in JIRA.

You can also visit our issue tracker at: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/BON

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