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  1. I haven't yet started using JIRA Capture so this may be a very obvious question.

    If I am currently running a Test Session and I am using the browser extension, will any issues I log be automatically "linked" to the test session as an "issue raised" during that session?  Or must I actually go into the test session page and manually "add issues raised" from there?

    1. Depends on how many testsession you have.

      When you have one session running, it will automatically pick the current session.

      If you have multiple session, you can use JIRA capture and select the session you want to use at the top of the form to create an issue. hope it helps!

      1. I have the same issue.

        I sure only one Test Session is started, and I see it on the browser plugin top. But when I created an issue by the browser plugin, it does not linked with the Test Session.

  2. I only see Standard issue types in the Issuetype dropdown.  I don't see any option for a sub-tasks although I have several available for the project

    1. Hello Damon,

      To be able to select a sub-task, you have to be doing a session that must be related to an issue. Then you will be able to select sub-task type.


  3. I created a test session with one issue, still I cannot create subtasks during an active test session, only the standard issues

  4. For Epic links, please use the 'Summary' of the Epic ticket to search from the drop down list, instead of using the epic name

  5. Hi Atlassian,

    Could you please provide some guidance on the query raised twice above: qmxle and Chris Okelberry

    When an issue is raised in Bonfire/Capture (with browser add on running and test session highlighted) the bug is not automatically added to the working test session. It appears that you have to click on the the session, select the 'More Actions' drop down, Add Issue, search for the issue id - then and only then is the issue added to the session. 

    Based on Atlassian's replies above, this is a bug. I have one test session open and it fails to add the issue. Note that a comment and screen shot is added to the session. Could we address this in the next release please. In effect, this partly negates the advantage of using Capture Browser add on with Sessions.