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  1. When will you have an extension for Safari 7.0 for iPad

  2. For recent versions of Jira, under the heading "Installing the JIRA Capture Extension", the navigation link should be "Capture" rather than "Test Sessions".

  3. Pl update the documentation with the steps which is needed to make JIRA Capture to make work and the browser extension to be visible in IE browser it self.


    1. Thanks Ramesh Amadoru,

      This has now been done.



  4. Can the extension be installed on an instance of JIRA Capture behind a Firewall?



    1. Hi Scott Mace.

      Yes it can be. JIRA Capture browser extensions can be downloaded and then distributed behind the firewall for all browsers, except Chrome. Regarding the extension for Chrome, the browser extensions have to be hosted at the Chrome Web Store, thus can not be installed behind the firewall.




  5. Is there any word on when JIRA capture will be available for use in IE Edge (Win 10)?

    1. Hi Komron Nouri,

      As of now, 24 Aug 2015, Edge does not support browser extensions. It's been said that extension support will be added lately this year. Additionally Microsoft has dropped support for the technologies, that JIRA Capture uses under the hood (e.g. Browser Helper Objects or BHO). Please refer to the original Microsoft Edge blog post for more information. 

      Having said that, now there is no way to run JIRA Capture in Edge.




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  7. Hi,


    I have installed the JIRA capture extension. Can someone help me on how can I create my template from here?

    1. Hi Priti Agarwalla,

      Sure - this page should help figuring this out: Templates and Variables



  8. seriously, just supply me with a single link to a safari extension.I had its once but now I am just being looped al over the place not getting anywhere. Chrome it is done in a minute, safari it's a disaster!

  9. Hi, how can I sign in to use Capture for JIRA if we have allowed signed in to JIRA using only our domain email - gmail?


    1. Hi Dušan Plavák,

      Great question. I've posted a detailed reply here with step-by-step manual and screenshots.
      Short version of that:

      1. Activate Capture for JIRA and put in the JIRA URL, username and password into the settings. Click sign-in.
      2. Authorization will fail, however Capture will remember instance URL and username in settings.
      3. Close Capture for JIRA.
      4. Open and log-in into JIRA in your browser window using gmail account.
      5. Activate Capture again in your browser and it will be logged in. Now it should use URL and username from the settings and re-use the browser session you have used to log-in to JIRA.

      Should you have any further problems with logging-in, I suggest raising a support request at http://support.atlassian.com

      JIRA Bugmaster.