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JIRA Capture includes browser extensions for all the major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The browser extension allows you to capture issues in your JIRA projects directly from any web page, take and annotate screenshots, use issue templates, manage test sessions, and much more.

Before you begin

Check whether your browser's version is supported for the JIRA Capture browser extension on JIRA Capture Compatibility Chart. Note that JIRA Capture does not currently support any mobile browsers (iOS, Android, etc.).

You will also need the JIRA Capture plugin installed on your instance of JIRA before the extensions become available. Otherwise, you will not see the 'Test Sessions' menu in your JIRA site.

Downloading the JIRA Capture Extension

To download the JIRA Capture browser extension, navigate to Capture (upper menu in the JIRA header) > Get Browser Extension. JIRA Capture will detect your current browser for downloading the extension.

Installing the JIRA Capture Extension


  1. After clicking the Download JIRA Capture link, click "Allow".
  2. When prompted Install JIRA Capture.
  3. Restart Firefox.
  4. Start JIRA Capture for Firefox by clicking the  icon in the toolbar in the top right. Alternatively, you can start JIRA Capture by going to Tools > JIRA Capture in the Firefox menu.




  1. After clicking on the "Download JIRA Capture" link, click "Continue" at the bottom left of the screen.
  2. When prompted, "Install" JIRA Capture.
  3. To start JIRA Capture for Chrome, click on the  icon in the toolbar in the top right.
If you are using Chrome 21 or greater, please follow the instructions on this page: Installing the JIRA Capture extension in Chrome




  1. After clicking the Download JIRA Capture link, double-click jira-capture-latest.safariextz in the Downloads dialog.
  2. When prompted, Install JIRA Capture.
  3. To start JIRA Capture for Safari, click on the icon in the toolbar in the top left.




  1. After clicking the Download JIRA Capture link, click Run to begin the JIRA Capture installer.
  2. When prompted, click Run to launch the JIRA Capture Internet Explorer plugin installer. Please ensure Internet Explorer is closed for the installer to run.
  3. After the installer is complete, restart Internet Explorer.

  4. To start JIRA Capture for Internet Explorer, click on the icon in the toolbar. If this icon isn't visible, you can also start JIRA Capture by going to the View menu and selecting Explorer Bars > JIRA Capture.

In some cases, you may find that your Internet Explorer browser does not show the JIRA Capture icon, and you may not be able to access the View menu. This is because the relevant menu bars have been disabled. The process to enable them varies between versions of Internet Explorer, but is usually accessible by right-clicking in the title bar (the area above the address bar). You can then choose to turn on the command bar or menu bar.


Please note, for JIRA Capture to operate correctly, you must ensure that cookies are enabled on your browser.

Connect JIRA Capture Extension to JIRA

After installing the JIRA Capture extension for your browser, you will be prompted to log in to your JIRA server by providing a user name and password. 

To reconfigure your connection to the JIRA server, you can click the "cog" icon in JIRA Capture above the tabs:


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  1. When will you have an extension for Safari 7.0 for iPad

  2. For recent versions of Jira, under the heading "Installing the JIRA Capture Extension", the navigation link should be "Capture" rather than "Test Sessions".

  3. Pl update the documentation with the steps which is needed to make JIRA Capture to make work and the browser extension to be visible in IE browser it self.

    1. Thanks ramesh amadoru,

      This has now been done.



  4. Can the extension be installed on an instance of JIRA Capture behind a Firewall?



    1. Hi Scott Mace.

      Yes it can be. JIRA Capture browser extensions can be downloaded and then distributed behind the firewall for all browsers, except Chrome. Regarding the extension for Chrome, the browser extensions have to be hosted at the Chrome Web Store, thus can not be installed behind the firewall.




  5. Is there any word on when JIRA capture will be available for use in IE Edge (Win 10)?

    1. Hi Komron Nouri,

      As of now, 24 Aug 2015, Edge does not support browser extensions. It's been said that extension support will be added lately this year. Additionally Microsoft has dropped support for the technologies, that JIRA Capture uses under the hood (e.g. Browser Helper Objects or BHO). Please refer to the original Microsoft Edge blog post for more information. 

      Having said that, now there is no way to run JIRA Capture in Edge.