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This page is for installing the JIRA server plugin only.

For instructions on installing the JIRA Capture browser extensions see Getting JIRA Capture for your browser.

(warning)  The information on this page does not apply to JIRA Capture Cloud. For information on installing JIRA Capture Cloud, please refer to the Add-ons in Cloud

1. Check compatibility

Before installing JIRA Capture, please check that JIRA Capture is compatible with your version of JIRA and browsers at the JIRA Capture Compatibility Chart.

2. Get your license

Visit to get a license key for JIRA Capture, and save it.

3. Install JIRA Capture

  1. Navigate to the Add-ons page in the administration console by doing the following:
    Choose the cog icon  at top right of the screen, then choose Add-ons.

    (tick) Keyboard shortcut: g + g + start typing Find New Add-ons.
  2. Type 'JIRA Capture' in the Search the Marketplace box and press Enter.
  3. Click the Buy Now button for JIRA Capture. A confirmation message and the plugin details will display, if it is installed successfully.
For more information about installing plugins through the Universal Plugin Manager, please read Installing add-ons.

4. Activate JIRA Capture

  1. Navigate to the Add-ons tab in the administration console again.
  2. Choose JIRA Capture License in the left menu.
  3. You will be directed to the 'Manage Add-ons' page where you will be prompted to enter your license for JIRA Capture.
    If you are not redirected to the 'Manage Add-ons' page, then it means your version of JIRA does not have this feature. Instead you will be taken to the JIRA Capture License page where you may enter your license.



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  1. These instructions are terrible - why is there not a single link to install the JIRA plugin?

  2. I support upper. The worst instructions I've ever seen.

  3. Why is there no screenshots? What do you mean by Navigate to the Add-ons page in the administration console? Double-clicking on atlassian-bonfire-plugin-2.9.0.jar and typing java -jar atlassian-bonfire-plugin-2.9.0.jar on Windows 8.1 produces nothing.