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  1. Is it possible to inform the new assignee in case a session is shared or "handed over" to another user?

  2. Boy, we'd sure like that feature too ! 

  3. Also, one other oddity with worklogs.   Bonfire (now Capture)  seems to assign work logs to the data of the original session rather than the date the work was actually performed.  If I create a session yesterday,  but work on in today,  all my worklogs get charged to yesterday.  This is driving our billing group kinda crazy.


  4. What happens is a session gets closed in error?  Can it be-reopened?  I don't want to loose the existing history.  One of the developers closed it in error instead of "pausing"

  5. It is still the case that assigning the session doesn't notify assignee in any way. Is there a configuration toggle I missed somewhere?

  6. The fact that only assignable people can join a shared session is quite weird.

    Testers, QA team, or internal users are not assignable, but they sould be able to create issues in a test session! Developpers ( = assignables ) are often doing some preliminar tests. However, quality tests that need to be gathered into a shared test session are quite never performed by developpers.

    People that should be able to join a session should require a special permission, or the simple "Create" permission, not the "Assignable" one.

    IMHO , this is a major issue in Capture, making Capture unusable in my compagny.


  7. Can not find how to change the project in created session and nothing here about this.. I just found this question, but there are no answers also :(

  8. I'm using Capture 2.8 on a project. A test session is created, however, several key features are not working, it prevents my from using test session in my project, the critical errors I'm seeing

    1. Browser test session. None of test session is displayed with no filter condition is set.
    2. "Invite" and "More Actions" button on view session page doesn't work, nothing shows up with clicking these two buttons
  9. It would be really great if you could assign multiple users to a test session.


  10. Add-on licenses match the licensing tier of the parent product.

    In case of JIRA, add-on licenses match the highest applicable JIRA licensing tier. The highest applicable JIRA licensing tier is selected on the basis of the highest number of users that you have licensed across all of your JIRA products. Learn more about how add-ons are licensed.

  11. How do I mark a test as Passed or Failed? How do I search for Failed tests?