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Clover 2.3 Documentation

See also Clover-for-Ant Changelog

Clover-for-Maven 2 Changelog 

The complete combined changes are as follows:

Changes in the Clover 2.3.2 for Maven 2 plugin

15 July, 2008

The Clover 2.3.2 for Maven 2 plugin is a bug fix and minor feature release.

Issue key



Maven clover plugin should support merging arbitrary number of clover databases, not just one


Set the encoding of HTML reports


Allow custom report descriptor to be specified on the classpath, like clover.license

Changes in the Clover 2.3.0 for Maven 2 plugin

12 June, 2008

The Clover 2.3.0 for Maven 2 plugin adds a number of improvements and bug fixes.


Upgrading the Maven 2 plugin
There are specific steps required for upgrading from a previous version of the plugin: see the Upgrade Guide for details.

(info) New version numbering and Maven Artifact ID
In changing the Artifact ID of this project to maven-clover2-plugin, the Clover team has taken the opportunity to bring the version numbering into sync with Clover-for-Ant. This is to make version numbers of Clover for various platforms better reflect the feature set, so that all Clover releases with a given version number will be largely the same.

New Features

Issue key



Enable clover-check to use historydir parameter when checking coverage.


Issue key



Ability to disable the plugin for one or more modules in a multi-module build.


Generate and Publish the Maven Clover plugin's site.


Document the removal of useSureFiretestResults configuration.


Investigate Maven Multi-Module problem.

Bug Fixes

Issue key



Make historyDir multi-module aware.


Instrumented and uninstrumented jar are on the runtime classpath


Clover reports don't work for cross module tests


Unable to instrument tests named using Japanese characters.


Illegal Char in path on Windows.

Upgrade Considerations for this release of Clover-for-Maven 2

1. Method name prefixes

Methods beginning with 'generate'are now in the maven.clover namespace. This means that the following properties must have the prefix 'maven.clover' added to them. This is an issue for backwards compatibility.

The change make these properties more consistent with all other properties, as well as making them safer to use with other plugins.

2. 'Clover:' must be expressed as 'Clover2:'

Wherever 'Clover:' is used, you must change it to 'Clover2:' to take advantage of the new version.

Read the documentation for instructions on how to install or upgrade. Note that a full clean build is required.

Changes in the maven-clover-plugin version 3.7

27 February, 2008

The maven-clover-plugin 3.7 brings support for Maven 2 along with some Clover 2.1 features — including merging of test data and aggregated test results.

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Read the documentation for instructions on how to install or upgrade. Note that a full clean build is required.

Changes in the maven-clover-plugin version 3.6

05 December, 2007

Maven-clover-plugin 3.6 includes these bug fixes and enhancements.

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If you want the test results in the Clover report to come from the surefire test result files, instead of from Clover's own instrumentation:

This flag defaults to false - you only need to set this if Clover is not correctly determining the test results. See CLOV-90 for a case where this might happen.


Surefire usage is no longer supported, from maven-clover-plugin 4.0 onwards.

Changes in the maven-clover-plugin version 3.3

01 November, 2007

This release updates the version of Clover used to 2.0.2.

Clover 2.0.2 includes these bug fixes and enhancements.

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In order to specify that Clover should not use a fully qualified package name when referring to classes in the java.lang package, add the following to the maven-clover-plugin configuration section of your pom:

This flag defaults to true - you only need to set this if you have a local variable named java.

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