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Release Notes

  • Clover Release Summary
  • Clover 3.0 Release NotesClover 3.0 is a major release which adds Groovy support for Ant, Maven 2 and Grails. We also offer the new Clover-for-Grails plugin that allows you to use Clover's code coverage capabilities directly inside your Grails project. Furthermore, we add a new per-test coverage viewer and completely new dashboard view to Eclipse.
  • Clover 2.6 Release NotesClover 2.6 is a major release which adds an affordable Desktop Edition to the Eclipse and IDEA plugins. It also brings a new coverage filter, auto-update functionality in IDEA, adds a visual treemap report to Clover-for-Ant and Maven2, as well as signicant performance enhancements for Eclipse users.
  • Clover 2.5 Release NotesClover 2.5 is a major release with a key new feature called Distributed Per-Test Coverage, which will allow you to optimize your functional tests. It also brings the breakthrough recent feature Test Optimization to the Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA development environments.
  • Clover 2.4 Release NotesClover 2.4 is a major release with a significant new feature called Test Optimization, along with a number of improvements and bug fixes.
  • Clover 2.3 Release NotesThis is a release with a number of new features and bug fixes.
  • Clover 2.2 Release NotesClover 2.2 allows you to improve your coverage reporting with stack trace navigation, better cross-referencing and Dashboard visualisations. The IDE and build-tool variants of Clover will also see a prominent upgrade on release.
  • Clover 2.1 Release NotesClover 2.1 allows you to tailor your coverage reporting even more closely to your needs. Configurable risk metrics let you choose an algorithm that matches your definition of a project risk. 'Coverage Clouds' are now available for every individual package. Building on the per-test coverage that was introduced in Clover 2.0, in Clover 2.1 reports from merged databases now include per-test coverage data.
  • Clover 2.0 Release NotesClover 2 is a major rewrite that adds new and unique functionality to help your team get the most out of their testing effort. We've augmented Clover's award-winning functionality by incorporating both test result and code complexity statistics. The resulting reports give you powerful insight into your testing. You can now see not only what sections of code were covered by your tests, but also what tests hit what code. Clover's new 'Cloud reports' let you quickly and easily assess strengths and