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Changes in Clover-for-Ant 3.1.12

June 27, 2013

This is a bug fix release which addresses issues found in 3.1.11 and earlier versions of Clover-for-Ant.


1) The main improvement implemented in this release is related with an IDEA12 "external build" feature - see Clover-for-IDEA change log.

2) The <clover-report> task supports the <columns> option for PDF report. Thanks to this you can customize list of metrics to be displayed in a PDF report.

3) We have prepared a new Clover in 10 minutes tutorial for Ant.

JIRA issue list

See also change log for Clover-for-Maven2&3, Clover-for-Eclipse, Clover-for-IDEA, Clover-for-Grails.

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