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Changes in Clover-for-Ant 3.1.7

31 August, 2012

This is a bug fix release which addresses issues found in 3.1.6 and earlier versions of Clover-for-Ant.


Improved behaviour of <clover-report includeFailedCoverage="false"/>. When includeFailedCoverage parameter is set to false, it will not only ignore failed coverage when calculating Total Coverage percentage, but also reflect it in syntax highlighter:

  • source lines will be coloured in red and hit count will show 0 for failed tests,
  • but at the same time the yellow test marker line is still visible and you can click it to see test contribution pop-up

(Please note that in case of partially covered source line, the whole line is marked red; it's a limitation of our Velocity template).


We're happy to announce that we've extended manual:

and prepared two completely new manuals:

JIRA issue list

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