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Changes in Clover-for-Ant 3.1.8

13 November, 2012

This is a bug fix release which addresses issues found in 3.1.7 and earlier versions of Clover-for-Ant.


1) Fixed bug which was causing java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError in case when Groovy 2.x compiler was called from Ant.

2) Clover can now intercept the GrailsTestCompiler from Grails 2.x (which is being used for compilation of unit tests).

3) It is possible to upgrade third party libraries bundled in Clover using the new utility.

4) It is possible to define location/name of the dynamically created grover*.jar artifact (used for compilation of Groovy code, by default in or to disable its creation at all.

5) Fixed bug causing that only a subset of coverage files was used for calculation of coverage in case when application was executed in IBM JRE.


See also change log for Clover-for-Maven, Clover-for-Eclipse, Clover-for-IDEA.


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