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  • You have a 2.0.3 version of Grails installed and $GRAILS_HOME is set to this.
    • Note that the minimum Grails version required to run the Clover-for-Grails plugin is currently 1.3.0 - it's declared in CloverGrailsPlugin.groovy file, but
    • the compilation and deployment of the plugin itself can be done using higher Grails version - it's delcared in file.
  • Set JAVA_HOME to JDK 1.6 (otherwise you'll end up with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.codehaus.gant.GantBuilder error)

Getting the Source Code

The Clover-for-Grails plug-in source is stored in Mercurial repository on To get a local copy of the source code, a Mercurial client is required.

The following command will checkout the source code of the atlassian/grails-clover-plugin:

hg clone ssh://


Installing the Plugin

The plugin can then be built, tested and installed via:

grails package-plugin --plain-output --verbose
grails test maven-install --plain-output --verbose  # it puts zip into local maven cache ~/.m2

Running Integration Tests

Test it against the enclosed Grails test applications located in testcases directory: daily-groove, petclinic, petclinic203, petclinic210, weceem.

  1. Update plugin clover number in <grails>/testcases/<project>/grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy like

    plugins {
        build ":clover:X.X.X"
  2. Change directory to <grails>/testcases/<project_name> and run 
    1. grails test-app -clover.on -clover.view
      (warning) you have to set GRAILS_HOME and PATH variables according to test project settings.


Submitting a Patch

To submit a patch:

  1. Make and test the change in your local work area
  2. Create a JIRA issue in project "Clover" (CLOV), set "Grails Plugin" component.
  3. Ensure any new features/configuration options have been documented in the issue description.
  4. Commit changes and:


    • generate a patch by running the following command in your local work area (where XXXX is the id of the JIRA issue created above)

      hg diff > CLOV-XXXX.patch
    • Upload the patch to the JIRA issue you created.


Stable releases can be downloaded from Grails Plugins site.


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