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Getting the Source Code

The Clover-for-Maven1-Plugin source is stored in Mercurial repository on To get a local copy of the source code, a Mercurial client is required.

The following command will checkout the source code of the atlassian/maven-clover-plugin:

hg clone ssh:// 

Testing the Plugin

1) Running test cases:

cd maven-clover-plugin
maven plugin:install plugin:repository-install
cd src/plugin-test
maven testPlugin -Dmaven.repo.remote=, -Dmaven.clover.license.path=/path/to/clover.license 


2) Generating site documentation:

maven site -Dmaven.repo.remote=,



(warning) There might be a problem with finding qdox-current.jar - in such case, download it from and install manually in ~/.maven/repository/vdoclet/jars/qdox-current.jar

Submitting a Patch

To submit a patch:

  1. Make and test the change in your local work area.
  2. Create a JIRA issue in project "Clover" (CLOV), set "Maven Plugin" component.
  3. Ensure any new features/configuration options have been documented in the issue description.
  4. Commit changes and:
  5. or
    • generate a patch by running the following command in your local work area
    hg diff > CLOV-XXXX.patch

    where XXXX is the id of the JIRA created above.

    • Upload the patch to the JIRA issue you created.



Stable releases can be downloaded from Maven Central or from


(warning) The JIRA issue tracker is deprecated, please raise issues on

(warning) The SVN respository is deprecated, use the HG repository from


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