This is the documentation for Clover 3.3. View this page for the

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of Clover, or visit the latest Clover documentation.

If you already have Clover installed in an existing Java project, wish to integrate Groovy code into this project and use Clover-for-Maven 2 and 3's code coverage features on this code, simply update the version element in the maven-clover2-plugin plugin definition of your pom.xml file to point to the latest 3.0.0-mX available in Atlassian's public Maven repository and conduct a full, clean build.

You will also need to ensure that the repository [] is listed in your Maven settings.xml file.

If you are using the Clover-for-Maven 2 and 3 plugin on Groovy code, please refer to the Clover-for-Maven 2 and 3 User's Guide page for details on how to configure the GMaven Plugin to work with Clover-for-Maven 2 and 3.

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