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Clover is using a number of third party libraries (based mainly on Apache License or LGPL), for example Commons Lang, JFreeChart, Antlr.

In case when you would like to upgrade these libraries (assuming that they are API-compatible) you would have to perform following steps:

  • remove third party library classes from Clover JAR(s) (clover.jar, clover-ant.jar, clover-runtime.jar, com.cenqua.clover.core*.jar etc ...)
  • repackage new third party library classes with a 'clover.' prefix (using JarJar tool for instance)
  • put repackaged classes into Clover JAR(s)
  • perform back-porting to JRE 1.4 class format (using Retrotranslator tool; this step is optional and necessary only if you're running your application on Java 1.4)

In order to make it more convenient, since release 3.1.8 Clover is bundled with the upgrade script written in Ant:

  • Clover-for-Ant: located in /extlib/upgrade.xml in the file
  • Clover-for-Eclipse: located in /extlib/upgrade.xml in the
  • Clover-for-IDEA: located in /extlib/upgrade.xml in the clover-idea.jar plugin
  • Clover-for-Maven2&3: there are no new third party tools used

Detailed documentation how to use it is written in the scripts.


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