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The <clover-snapshot> task generates a snapshot file used to assist Clover in optimizing the tests run in subsequent. This task should be run at the end of a build (i.e. after all unit tests have run).






Specifies an alternative location for the snapshot file.

No; defaults to the initstring + ".snapshot".


Clover interval (e.g. "2m" or "3h"); specifies, for the initial build cycle, the span for coverage used in generating the snapshot file used for test optimization; normally only specified when multiple interleaved compiles & test runs happen during a build cycle

No; defaults to "0s" (zero seconds).



Generates a snapshot file used to assist Clover.

<clover-snapshot file="C:\My Documents\clover.snapshot"/>

Specifies an alternative location of "C:\My Documents\clover.snapshot" for the snapshot file.

<clover-snapshot span="3m"/>

Defines a custom span of "3m" (three minutes) used in generating the snapshot file used for Test Optimization.

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