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(info) You need to edit in 'Wiki Markup' mode to include macros in your page.

Use the Thumbnail Macro when you want to create a thumbnail of an inline image attached to any Confluence page. Clicking on the thumbnail image will pop up a window containing the full-size image.

The macro resizes the original image proportionately allowing for a maximum height or width of 200 pixels.

Thumbnail Macro

What you need to type

What you will get



'waterfall.jpg' is the name of your image

Thumbnail Macro when displaying an image attached to another Confluence page

What you need to type

What you will get

!Space attachments directory^fish.gif|thumbnail!


'Space attachments directory' is the name of the other page


Confluence will only create thumbnails for these file formats: gif, jpg, and png. The bmp format is not supported.


Gallery Macro
Image File Formats
Attaching Files to a Page
Working with Macros

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