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To export a Confluence page written in another language, you will first need to install the necessary font for that language. This will basically involve uploading a font file to Confluence.

Here are the exact steps on how to do this:

1. Find the appropriate font file

Windows users

All font files in Windows are stored in a directory called

Unix users

All font files in Unix are stored in the


Microsoft True Type core fonts such as Verdana can be downloaded from this page:

2. Copy the font file

Simply copy the file into a temporary folder (for example a folder on the Desktop).

3. Upload the file

  • Navigate to the Administration > PDF Language Support screen and upload the file you copied in step one.
  • Click 'Install'. That's it.

Please note the only font files supported are true type fonts and true type collections (file extensions are *.ttf and *.ttc).


We recommend you to use Unicode font Verdana for correct character encoding and exporting to pdf.