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A draft is a snapshot version of a page which Confluence saves automatically at regular intervals while you are editing the page. Confluence saves these interim versions even if you do not save the page yourself. This is useful to prevent you losing work if your Confluence site experiences a problem.

At regular intervals, Confluence will automatically save the page you are editing and maintain a copy of it as a draft. If some system failure or error prevents you from saving your changes, you can retrieve the draft and continue working on it.

  • Drafts are created while you are adding and editing a page or news item.

    Each time Confluence saves a draft of your page, it displays a message and the time of the last save. The message appears near the 'Save' button on the edit screen.

    Screenshot: Message displaying the time when the draft was last saved

    Whenever you edit a page and click one of the other page tabs, Confluence will automatically save a draft. When you click on the 'Edit' tab again, Confluence will let you know that a version of the page you are editing was not saved and will give you the option to resume editing.
  • A draft is only available to you if you have been working on a page and have not yet saved your changes.
  • You cannot create a draft explicitly.
  • Drafts are listed in the 'Drafts' tab of your profile. Only you can view and edit your drafts.

Viewing Drafts
Resuming the Editing of a Draft
Configuring the Time Interval at which Drafts are Saved
Concurrent Editing and Merging Changes

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