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Users should complete the Confluence Installation Guide before continuing.

The Standard Installation is recommended if you are:

  • a new Confluence user
  • evaluating Confluence

The Standard Installation installs Confluence with an embedded database, and some demonstration content that will get you working with Confluence as quickly and easily as possible. You may upgrade to another type of database later on.

The Custom Installation is recommended if you want to to combine one or more of the following options:

  • store data in your own database, rather than the embedded HSQL database
  • install Confluence without the demonstration content
  • restore a previous Confluence instance (using a backup)

The Custom Installation provides you with more options during setup, allowing you to connect to an external database, restore content from a previous Confluence backup, or choose not to load the demonstration content.

Security Warning

Disable external access to your Confluence server temporarily while installing Confluence. Until Confluence is completely set up, it is not secured and anyone can configure it. You should set up Confluence in a secure environment, and only open it up to external access once setup is completed.


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