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Macros perform programmatic functions within a page and can be used to generate complex content structures or dynamic content.

Macros allow you to create markup or include dynamic content in a page that may not be possible using Confluence notation. For example, the Attachments macro will list a page's attachments in the page itself, so that readers do not have to visit the Attachments tab.

Generally speaking, a macro is simply a command wrapped inside curly braces {...}.

For instance, the Attachments Macro is written as:

Optional Parameters in Macros
For each macro, you can also have optional parameters that can often be combined to refine or control the macro's output.
With the Attachments Macro, for instance, you have two optional parameters:

  • to specify the file formats of the attachments displayed.
  • to choose whether or not you want old versions of the attachments displayed.

These optional parameters are included within the curly braces, following a colon, like this:

When specifying more than one parameter within the same macro, the pipe symbol ('|') is used to separate one from the other, like this:

The macros currently available in Confluence are listed below. For each macro, all the optional parameters are also listed with examples of their usage. Note that other macros may be available if your Confluence Administator has installed certain plugins. To learn how to write your own macro, or use macros written by other people, read the Confluence Plugin Guide

Confluence Macros

Attachments Macro

Displays a list of attachments belonging to the current page.

Blog Posts Macro

Lists the most recent news items in the space.

Children Display Macro

Displays the children and descendants of the current page.

Code Block Macro

Displays code in your document with the appropriate syntax highlighting.

Color Text Macro

Changes the colour of a block of text.

Column Macro

Used with the Section Macro. Defines columns within the page.

Content by Label Macro

Renders a list of content associated with specific labels

Create Space Button Macro

Renders a create space button linked to the create space page.

Dynamic Tasklist Macro

Displays a dynamic task list which can be modified in 'view' mode.

Excerpt Macro

Allows you to define a part of the page as the page's 'excerpt' which is then used by other macros to summarise a page's content.

Favourite Pages Macro

Displays a list of your favourite pages.

Excerpt Include Macro

Includes one page's excerpt in another.

Flowchart Macro

Displays flowcharts and other diagrams composed of shapes joined by lines.

Gallery Macro

Forms a thumbnail gallery of all images attached to a page.

Global Reports Macro

Renders a list of links to global reports within a table.

HTML Macro

Renders your specified HTML code within the current page.

IM Presence Macro

Displays graphically when a contact is online.

Include Page Macro

Inserts the contents of the specified page into the current one.

Info Macro

Displays a block of text in a blue highlight box.

JIRA Issues Macro

Displays a list of JIRA issues in a page.

JIRA Portlet Macro

Displays a JIRA dashboard portlet in Confluence.

JUnit Report Macro

Display a summary of JUnit test results.

Layout Macros

Format a page into columns.

Navmap Macro

Renders the list of pages associated with a specified label as a navigable map.

Noformat Macro

Displays a block of text in monospace font.

Note Macro

Displays a block of text in a yellow highlight box.

Panel Macro

Displays a block of text within a fully customisable panel.

Recently Updated Content Macro

Includes a list of recently changed content.

Recently Used Labels Macro

Lists labels most recently used in a specified scope (Global, Space, or Personal)

Related Labels Macro

Lists labels frequently appearing on the same pages as the current page's labels.

RSS Feed Macro

Displays the contents of an RSS feed.

Search Macro

Searches Confluence, and includes the results in the page.

Section Macro

Used with the Column Macro to define columns within the page.

Space Details Macro

Includes the summary of a Confluence space in the page.

Spacegraph Macro

Displays a chart of the pages in a space and their connections.

Spaces List Macro

Displays a list of all spaces visible to the user.

Tip Macro

Displays a block of text in a green highlight box.

Thumbnail Macro

Creates a thumbnail of an inline image.

Userlister Macro

Displays a list of Confluence users, from an optional group.

Warning Macro

Displays a block of text in a red highlight box.

Welcome Message macro

Includes the Confluence site welcome message.


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