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Please keep in mind that customisations are beyond the scope of what's covered by Atlassian Support.

Developing Plugins

Getting started with Atlassian plugins

This tutorial will show you how to set up your development environment, create an empty plugin template, and the basic principles of building, debugging, and testing a plugin. It will take you through the prerequisites and introduce you to some of the resources that Atlassian provides for plugin developers.

The Confluence Plugin Guide

These documents are specifically about plugins for Confluence. There's a page for each plugin module type that Confluence supports. You can combine multiple plugin modules inside a single plugin to accomplish complex tasks.

Understanding Confluence Source Code

Building Confluence From Source Code

This document gives instructions on how to build a .war file or an IDE project from Confluence's source distribution.

Understanding Confluence's Architecture

These documents go some of the way to explaining what's really going on inside Confluence. Some of this information is useful to plugin developers. Other pieces are more relevant to the Confluence development team, but we've published them here in the spirit of open documentation.

Other resources

Installing Confluence Plugins

Customising Confluence Page Exports

Modify the style or content of the following page exports:

Remote API

Confluence Single Sign-On

Help and Documentation