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This page describes the supported platforms for Confluence. Please review them before installing Confluence.

End of Support Announcements


Please read End of Support Announcements for confluence for important information regarding the end of support for various platforms and browsers when used with Confluence.

For any further information about these supported platforms and for information on hardware requirements, please refer to our System Requirements document.

On this page:

Key: (tick) = Supported. (error) = Not Supported

Java Version



(tick) 1.5, 1.6
(error) 1.4

Operating Systems


Microsoft Windows (including 64-bit) (1)


Linux / Solaris (1, 2)


Apple Mac OS X (1)


Application Servers


Apache Tomcat

(tick) 5.5.20 - 6.0

BEA Weblogic

(tick) 9.2

IBM Websphere

(tick) 6.1

Caucho Resin

(tick) 3.0, 3.1.6, 3.1.7


(tick) 4.2.2
(error) 4.2.3, 5.0 (Refer to CONF-17541 and JBAS-7210 for details.)




(tick) 8.1, 8.2

MySQL (3)

(tick) 5.0.28+


(tick) 10.1, 10.2

Microsoft SQL Server

(tick) 2005


(tick) 8.2, 9.7


(tick) (for evaluation purposes only)

Web Browsers


Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows)

(tick) 6, 7 and 8

Mozilla Firefox (all platforms)

(tick) 2, 3, 3.5


(tick) 2 (no Rich Text Editor support), 3, 3.1, 4

  1. Confluence is a pure Java application and should run on this platform provided all other JDK requirements are satisfied.

  2. While some of our customers run Confluence on SPARC-based hardware, Atlassian only officially supports Confluence running on x86 hardware and 64-bit derivatives of x86 hardware.

  3. Ensure that you configure your Confluence MySQL database to use the InnoDB storage engine as the MyISAM storage engine could lead to data corruption.

  4. HSQLDB: Confluence ships with a built-in HSQL database. While this database is fine for evaluation purposes, it is somewhat susceptible to data loss during system crashes. Hence, for production environments, we recommend that you configure Confluence to use an external database.

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