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The Social Bookmarking plugin allows you to share bookmarks with your team. You can create a bookmark and save it in a Confluence space. To send the bookmark to other Confluence users, simply label it for their personal spaces or for public spaces. You can also subscribe to a bookmarks RSS feed.

A bookmark is a page which points to a website or other URL. The website or URL can be within or external to Confluence. The bookmark can also contain comments from the person who created the bookmark, telling you why the website is interesting.

You can add a bookmark icon on your browser toolbar. (tick) This will make adding a bookmark quick and easy:

  • When you want to create a bookmark pointing to a website, you don't have to leave the website. Just click the icon on your toolbar.
  • The website title and URL will be automatically copied from the website to your bookmark.
  • When you've finished adding the bookmark, you will be automatically returned to the website.

The bookmark icon will look something like this:


Internet Explorer:



There are two ways to add the icon to the browser toolbar:

  • Drag the 'Bookmark in Confluence' link from the 'Space Bookmarks' page onto the browser toolbar. This method works for most browsers, including Firefox. Read the full instructions.
  • Manually add the 'Bookmark in Confluence' link to your browser's 'Favorites - Links' folder. This method works for Internet Explorer 7. Read the full instructions.

(info) You can change the bookmark name from 'Bookmark in Confluence' to something else, if you want to. Just use your browser's own functions for editing/organising bookmarks and bookmark properties.


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