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This section contains solutions for common issues or queries associated with administering Confluence.

This section focuses on providing instructions to either perform administration-level tasks or customise Confluence's functionality via its Administration Console.

View one of the following issues or queries for more information:

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Page: Add Spell Checking To Confluence Page: Automatically Assigning Commenters as Page Watchers Page: Can I run multiple instances of Confluence & connect them to a central database? Page: Capturing HTTP traffic using Wireshark or Fiddler Page: Changing Server ID for Test Installations Page: Configuring a Confluence Email Server for Email Notifications Page: Copy Or Rename A Space Page: Customising Confluence Icons Page: Disable public account signups Page: Disabling Drag-and-Drop Page: Disabling Password management from User Page: Disabling Profile Edit from User Page: Disabling Theme Selection Page: Editing your database password Page: Enable public anonymous access Page: Find out what is generating files in the Confluence temporary directory. Page: Fix Out of Memory Errors by Increasing Available Memory Page: Getting a License for a Staging Environment Page: How can I retrieve a recently deleted space or page? Page: How do I adjust the session timeout Page: How do I change the space key? Page: How do I check which spaces have email accounts Page: How do I configure the Plugin Repository to update its plugins information offline? Page: How do I disable indexing of attachments Page: How Do I Find My License from the File System? Page: How do I find out when my scheduled Job runs and how long it runs for? Page: How Do I Get More Statistics From Confluence? Page: How Do I Identify Inactive Users in Confluence Page: How do I know what Confluence version I am running? Page: How do I prevent personal spaces from being shown on the dashboard Page: How do I Remove a User who has Content Created Page: How do I Remove the Last Updated and Created By Text? Page: How do I supress cluster warning message in confluence? Page: How to Disable Emoticons Page: How to display a banner like the Confluence Documentation space Page: How to Force Links to Open in a New Window Page: How to get a Java Heap Dump Page: How to Hide the Referrer Page: How to run a SQL script on your database Page: How to Search Confluence for Uses of a Macro Page: How to turn on Debugging for indexing Page: List page- and space-related details for an attachment using the attachment's name Page: Migrate Confluence from one database to another Page: Migrating from JIRA Issues and JIRA Portlets to Gadgets Page: Page Restrictions Performance Considerations Page: Passing username and password via URL Page: Preventing and Cleaning up SPAM Page: Rebuild the Content Indices from scratch Page: Redirect users to a page on login Page: Redirect users to a site-wide home page after a successful login Page: Restrict Attachments Based On File Type Page: Search for User Properties in the Database Page: Using Firebug Lite in Internet Explorer when browsing a Confluence page Page: What are the IP Address Ranges for Atlassian's Servers? Page: Where are the files that used to be in my Confluence installation directory? Page: Where are user macros stored?