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This page tells you how to add a link to a web page from within a Confluence page, using the Wiki Markup editor. Note that you can use the Rich Text editor instead.

In Wiki Markup, links are always denoted by square brackets. Whenever you place text between square brackets, Confluence recognises it as a link.

(lightbulb) You can display your own text instead of the URL: Inside the square brackets, insert the required text followed by a vertical bar and then the URL. The second example shows this.

To link to a web page outside Confluence,

What you need to type

What you will get


[go to Atlassian|]

go to Atlassian

'' is the URL that you want to link to.

Confluence will also try to find URLs within the text of the page and convert them into links, but it may have trouble separating the link from its surrounding text, especially when punctuation is involved. Putting the link inside square brackets will ensure that it is interpreted the right way.


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