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This page tells you how to keep track of changes to a single page, an entire space or all spaces on your site.

(info) You can only track updates to content that you have permission to see.

Subscribe to email notifications:

  • Watch a space or a page to receive an email message whenever updates occur.
  • Subscribe to daily email notifications of changes in all spaces that you have permission to see.
  • Subscribe to email notifications of updates made by the people you are following.
  • Set other email options.

Subscribe to RSS feeds: Subscribe to Confluence RSS feeds to stay informed of:

  • New and updated pages
  • New comments
  • New news items
  • New attachments
  • Updates to and comments on pages that have a given label

Manage Watchers (space administrators only): Manage watchers of a page or space.

Using RSS feeds and labels as an alternative to watches

You can use the RSS feed builder to track updates to labelled pages and comments on those pages. Here is an idea for customising your RSS feed by using your own personal label(s). This is useful if you want to track updates to specific pages or blog posts, and you do not want to deal with emails. You can use this method as an alternative to watching pages.
  • Build an RSS feed that returns pages, blog posts and comments labelled with a personal label, such as 'my:feed'.
  • Each time you want to 'watch' a page, just label it with 'my:feed'.
  • All updates and comments will automatically come through your RSS feed.

Page History and Page Comparison Views
Viewing Space Activity

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