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The Dashboard is the front page of a Confluence site. It provides an overview of the site, access to all spaces to which you have 'view' permission, and displays a list of the most recently updated content within them.

You can go to the Dashboard from any page on your site by clicking Dashboard at the left of the breadcrumbs located along the top-left of every page.

The dashboard is divided into six sections:

Screenshot: Overview of Dashboard with Explanations Below

Gliffy Zoom Zoom
  • Welcome message — the welcome message for the site, which can be configured via the Administration Console.
    (info) Confluence Administrators can customise this message via the Administration Console.
  • Useful links — Links to a number of useful functions in Confluence, i.e.
  • List of spaces — A list of the spaces within the Confluence site to which you have access, presented via convenient tabs: 'All', 'Favourite', 'Category' or 'New' spaces.
    (info) See Customising your Personal Dashboard for details on how to customise these tabs.
  • Favourite pages — A list of your Favourite Pages. See Working with Favourites.
  • Quick add page/blog post — Two buttons at the top right of the Dashboard allow you to quickly add a page or blog post without having to browse to a specific space first. Upon clicking one of these, a pop-up balloon opens, allowing you to easily select the space where you want to add the page or blog post and in the case of pages, choose a template on which to base the page content. Once you click 'Next', Confluence will open the new page in edit mode.

    Screenshot: Add Buttons Dialog on the Confluence Dashboard

  • All Updates/Favourite Spaces/Space Categories — Click one of these tabs to show the following content updates:

    Clicking this tab:

    Shows a list of recently updated content from:

    'All Updates'

    All spaces you have permission to view.

    'Favourite Spaces'

    Spaces you have marked as a favourite only.

    'Space Categories'

    Spaces that belong to the selected space category only.

    (info) See Customising your Personal Dashboard for details on how to customise these tabs.

Clicking 'view change' provides you with easy access to a 'comparison view' against the content's previous version.

The Dashboard is the only place in Confluence where you can:

  • Access all existing spaces on the site.
    (tick) You can also access all existing spaces from Confluence's space directory too.
  • Add a new space to the site.

By default, the Dashboard is also the site home page. However, you can set any other page in Confluence as the home page via the Space Admin tab or your user profile settings.


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