Documentation for Confluence 3.5.
Documentation for [Confluence Cloud] and the latest Confluence Server is available too.

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This page describes Atlassian's recommendation for installing JIRA and Confluence on the same server. Refer to Here Be Dragons for instructions on integrating all Atlassian applications.

(warning) Do not deploy multiple Atlassian applications in a single Tomcat container
Deploying multiple Atlassian applications in a single Tomcat container is not supported. We do not test this configuration and upgrading any of the applications (even for point releases) is likely to break it. There are also a number of known issues with this configuration (see this FAQ for more information).

We also do not support deploying multiple Atlassian applications to a single Tomcat container for a number of practical reasons. Firstly, you must shut down Tomcat to upgrade any application and secondly, if one application crashes, the other applications running in that Tomcat container will be inaccessible.

Finally, we recommend not deploying any other applications to the same Tomcat container that runs Confluence, especially if these other applications have large memory requirements or require additional libraries in Tomcat's lib subdirectory.

Recommended Setup - Separate Stand-Alone Installations

Atlassian recommends running JIRA and Confluence in separate stand-alone instances running behind an Apache Web Server. See the guides for:

  • Each application can be restarted without affecting the other.
  • If one webapp hangs for any reason (eg. running out of memory), it doesn't affect the other.
  • Any problems can be debugged more easily. Logs are separate and product-specific, rather than everything going to catalina.out. Thread and heap dumps are smaller and more relevant.
  • It reduces the likelihood of jar conflicts (eg. jars that must be installed in common/lib or lib for Confluence running off Apache Tomcat version 6 or above), particularly if you later want to install a third webapp not from Atlassian.
  • Apache HTTP Web Server is well suited for running publicly available sites, with extensive modules for security and efficiency. It also allows for flexibility with URLs (ie, http://confluence, and so on).

Apache Web Server is recommended and reliable. It is also a third-party product, and therefore not developed nor supported by Atlassian. See How to Get Legendary Support from Atlassian for details.