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Below are some links to external blog posts, videos and articles containing technical tips and instructions on setting up and using Confluence. This page presents an opportunity for customers and community authors to share information and experiences.

The references here are specific to Confluence wiki and are technical 'how to' guides written by bloggers who use Confluence. For general information on wiki comparisons, wiki adoption, best practices and business cases, please refer to the Atlassian website and to our evaluator resources.

Please be aware that these are external blogs and articles.

Most of the links point to external sites, and some of the information is relevant to a specific release of Confluence. Atlassian provides these links because the information is useful and relevant at the time it was written. Please check carefully whether the information is still relevant when you read it, and whether it is relevant to your version of Confluence. Unless explicitly stated, Atlassian does not offer support for third-party extensions or plugins. The information in the linked blog posts has not been tested or reviewed by Atlassian. We recommend that you test all solutions on a test server before trying them on your production site.

On this page:

DGC IV: Confluence Upgrades
  • By: Igor Minar, on 'Igor Minar's Blog'
  • About: Upgrading Confluence, on relatively large public-facing Confluence sites
  • Date: 25 July 2010
  • Related documentation: Upgrading Confluence
Tracking Atlassian Confluence usage with Google Analytics

And Using the Google Analytics Javascript API to show pageviews from Atlassian Confluence

Moving Confluence from Windows to (Ubuntu) Linux
  • By: Ricky Sheaves, on blog 'flimflam' (calebscreek)
  • About: Moving Confluence to its own dedicated environment: Ubuntu 8.04 with a MySQL backend
  • Date: 19 October 2008
  • Related documentation: Migrating Confluence Between Servers
Plugging Memory Leaks in Confluence
  • By: Don Willis, on blog 'Atlassian developer blog'
  • About: Identifying memory leaks in Confluence and fixing them
  • Date: 1 October 1007
  • Related documentation: Performance Tuning

Confluence for Technical Documentation
Using a wiki for technical documentation
  • By: Sarah Maddox, on blog 'ffeathers'
  • About:
    • Overview — what a wiki is and does.
    • Workflow — draft, review, publish.
    • Tracking — page history, notification of updates, reverting to a previous version.
    • Permissions.
    • Adding structure to your documentation — table of contents, left-hand navigation bar, logical page ordering, content re-use.
    • Release management on a wiki.
    • Using spaces for version control.
    • How a wiki is useful in agile development.
  • Date: 21 November 2009
Wiki docs --- release management
  • By: Sarah Maddox, on blog 'ffeathers'
  • Date: 17 November 2007
  • About:
    • Using spaces for version control
    • Release management on a wiki
    • Archiving documentation on a wiki
  • Related documentation: The Copy Space plugin
Using a wiki for online help
  • By: Sarah Maddox, on the 'Atlassian Blog'
  • About: Pointing online help links to version-controlled wiki documentation spaces
  • Date: 13 December 2007
Content re-use on a wiki
Starting out with your technical documentation on a wiki
  • By: Sarah Maddox, on blog 'ffeathers'
  • About: Choosing your wiki and planning your documentation
  • Date: 4 November 2007
Content Conversion
Universal Wiki Converter - Now with SSL Support
  • By: Laura Kolker, on the 'Atlassian Blog'
  • About: Configuring the UWC for two new features:
    • A Trac Converter module
    • SSL support
  • Date: 6 March 2009
  • Related documentation: Importing Content from another Wiki
Confluence wiki to Eclipse Help (and DocBook, PDF) the easy way – Scroll FTW
  • By: Sarah Maddox, on blog 'ffeathers'
  • About: Using the Scroll Wiki Exporter plugin to convert Confluence content to Eclipse Help, DocBook XML and PDF
  • Date and Confluence version: 8 May 2010; Confluence 3.2.1
  • Related documentation: The Scroll Wiki Exporter plugin
Playing with DITA2Confluence part 1 and part 2
  • By: Sarah Maddox, on blog 'ffeathers'
  • About: Using the DITA2Confluence tool to convert documentation from DITA XML to Confluence pages
  • Date and Confluence version: October 2008; Confluence 2.9
  • Related documentation: The DITA2wiki project on SourceForge
Converting from FrameMaker to Confluence
  • By: David Stephensen, in the Confluence User Community wiki space
  • About: Converting content from native FrameMaker format to Confluence wiki using Mif2Go, FrameScript and Far.
  • Date and Confluence version: 3 June 2010; Confluence 3.1
Usage Tips
The Confluence Reporting HOWTO
  • By: Jim Severino and John Rotenstein, Atlassian Internal Systems, on the 'Atlassian Blog'
  • About:
    • Using Confluence as a reporting and business intelligence tool
  • Date and Confluence version: August 2009; Confluence 3.0
  • Related documentation: The Confluence Reporting HOWTO
Drawing diagrams on a wiki page
  • By: Sarah Maddox, on blog 'ffeathers'
  • About:
    • Using the Gliffy plugin to draw diagrams on a Confluence page
    • Links to other tools for displaying flowcharts, graphs etc based on editable content in the wiki page
  • Date and Confluence version: 4 July 2009; Confluence 3.0
  • Related documentation: The Gliffy plugin
Organisation is Key
  • By: Matt Hodges, on the 'Atlassian Blog'
  • About: Designing the structure of a Confluence space using an inclusions library, macros and tabbed pages
  • Date and Confluence version: 17 March 2009; Confluence 2.10
Creating FAQs
  • By: Matt Hodges, on the 'Atlassian Blog'
  • About: Designing the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of your Confluence space
  • Date and Confluence version: 2 April 2009; Confluence 2.10
Styling and Customisation
Styling Tabs in Confluence 2.10
  • By: Jens Schumacher, on the 'Atlassian Blog'
  • About: Using CSS to change the look of the tabs in Confluence
  • Date and Confluence version: 12 January 2009; Confluence 2.10
  • Related documentation: Styling Confluence with CSS
How to determine the context your macro is being rendered in
  • By: Cheryl Jerozal, on the 'Atlassian Blog'
  • About: Discovering find out the current render context (including PDF document, feed reader, email notification, etc) from within your macro
  • Date and Confluence version: 25 June 2009; Confluence 3.0
  • Related documentation: Macro Module

(info) To speed up the loading of the page and ensure correct export to PDF, HTML and XML formats, we will just link to the videos rather than including them into the wiki page.

Video: Confluence overview
  • By: Matt Hodges, on the Atlassian website
  • About:
    • Confluence Overview
    • Create and edit
    • Tracking updates and blogs
    • Security and permissions
    • Attachments and the Office Connector
    • Search and discover
    • Plugins
  • Date and Confluence version: July 2009; Confluence 3.0
  • Related documentation: Confluence documentation
Video: Macro browser
  • By: David Cook, on the 'Atlassian Blog'
  • About: Using the new Confluence macro browser in Confluence 3.0
  • Date and Confluence version: 18 June 2009; Confluence 3.0
  • Related documentation: Working with the Macro Browser

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