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All upgrades between Confluence versions have a lot in common. Please refer to our general information about upgrading Confluence first.

Typically, each major release of Confluence comes with some specific recommendations for upgrading from the previous major version. If you plan to upgrade and skip a few Confluence versions, you must read the upgrade notes for all major versions between your current version and the version to which you are upgrading, to make sure you do not miss something important.

For example:


If you plan to upgrade from Confluence 2.8 to Confluence 3.0, read the upgrade notes for Confluence 2.9 and Confluence 2.10, as well as those for Confluence 3.0.

Also, we strongly recommend that you read the upgrade notes for any minor releases below, since they contain important information that will affect your Confluence upgrade.

Below is a list of upgrade notes for previous major releases of Confluence, as well as the upgrade notes for important minor releases:

You will find the upgrade notes attached to the release notes for the relevant version.

Useful Plugins
Before installing a plugin into your Confluence site, please check the plugin's information page to see whether it is supported by Atlassian, by another vendor, or not at all. See our guidelines on plugin support.

Confluence Release Summary
Release Notes

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