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JIRA Evaluator Resources
Contact Us

We're always here to help you. Please contact us during local business hours.

Product Demonstration

The product demonstration provides a start to finish overview of JIRA and if you have any questions while viewing the video you can live chat with a sales engineer.

View the recording.

Training Courses

Atlassian offers training modules for all users from first time users to experienced administrators. Read about our official training packages here.

JIRA Release Notes

Keep up to date with the latest features by browsing our summary release notes here.

Downloading JIRA

If you have not done so already the latest version of JIRA can always be downloaded here. There are three separate downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux users.


The best way to install JIRA is to follow the install guide. You can also watch our installer videos for Windows and Mac.

Setting Up

You may wish to start by viewing the Add Project video(.mov file) to get an idea on where to start. The next step would be the JIRA Quick Start Guide. It contains information on how to add users, customise workflow, custom field/screen configurations and more.

For more detailed information you can refer to the Administration Guide, User Guide and the 101 Guide.

Migrating Issues From Other Systems

When migrating from other issue trackers or systems, you may wish to take your data with you. Depending on what issue tracker you are migrating from, you are recommended to use one of the methods listed here to import data into JIRA.

Video Demonstrations

We also have some short video tutorials which you can watch. Each file is a .mov file which can be played in Quicktime (free).

Please note that while these videos were created using an older version of JIRA, the instructions they convey are largely unchanged.

Specific Feature Demonstrations
  1. Setup Service Level Agreements (SLA) using Filters
  2. Add Your First Project
  3. Users, Groups, Roles
  4. Workflow Scheme
  5. Integration with Confluence
  6. Permission Scheme
  7. Issue Security Scheme
  8. Adding a Custom Field
  9. Sharing Dashboards
  10. Sharing Filters
  11. Creating Comments/Issues by Email (avi version, or m4v version)
More Videos

Professional Training

Atlassian offers training modules for all users from first time users to experienced administrators. Read about our official training packages here.

Raising a Support Request

If you are having problems getting JIRA up and running you can raise a support ticket via the Atlassian Support System:

  1. If you do not already have a free Atlassian support account, create one here.
  2. Log in to and select 'Create New Issue'.
  3. Select the JIRA Support project and select the appropriate issue type.
  4. Lodge a detailed description of your problem in the new support ticket.
  5. Fill in all applicable information about your system, such as application server, database, etc.

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