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This page describes the known issues for Confluence 3.1. The entire set of version specific bugs are shown in the JIRA Issues Filter below. The Content by Label window contains Knowledge base issues known to affect this release.

Knowledge Base - Known Issues

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Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base articles are the set of issues the support team has highlighted as important issues that are likely to impact customer environments.
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Bug Tracker

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Confluence 3.1 Known Bugs


Note that this filter contains bugs with the field Affects Version set. It does not comprise the entire set of bugs; specifically, it does not include bugs reported in prior versions.

T Key Summary P Status
Bug CONF-27621 Unable to switch editor modes or default edit mode Minor Resolved
Improvement CONF-23870 Possibility to automatically send Password Email on Account Creation as in Jira Resolved
Bug CONF-23645 OutOfMemoryError with Remote API addAttachment service Major Open
Bug CONF-23115 Adding pages with a lot of sibling pages performs poorly Major Resolved
Bug CONF-23045 Use of hash characters within Code Block Macro creates hyperlinks: using a slash to escape works but slash remains visible Major Resolved
Bug CONF-22361 Display Excel with viewfile does not respect filter that was last saved after editing Minor Open
Task CONF-22301 Fix broken link in "Adding Special Characters to your Wiki Page" page Minor Resolved
Bug CONF-21990 Attachment migration from DB to filesystem fails with either OOME or exhausted file handles Minor Resolved
Bug CONF-21956 Anchor link is not past after login Major Resolved
Bug CONF-21861 Certain symbols appears to be truncated in Space Description view Major Resolved
Bug CONF-21789 Embedded PDF not being rendered properly Minor Open
Bug CONF-21766 XSS vulnerability in the action links of Confluence's attachments lists. Blocker Resolved
Improvement CONF-21754 Error when saving a page if parent page's title is changed Resolved
Bug CONF-21724 404 on a missing resource /images/icons/view_16.png on the edit restrictions page Minor Resolved
Bug CONF-21553 Some of the cascade rules in the ContentPermission and ContentPermissionSet hibernate mapping files could be changed to "save-update" instead of "all" Minor Resolved
Task CONF-21480 Fix the Thumbnail rendering that fails for transparent images (PNG/GIF) and for certain images with embedded color profiles (CMMException) Major Resolved
Bug CONF-21439 Content must not be null error when uploading global logo Minor Resolved
Bug CONF-21411 Edit in Office using Office 2010 will change Mime Type to Text/XML - causing attachment download problem Major Resolved
Bug CONF-21394 XSS vulnerability in Create Space Button macro Blocker Resolved
Bug CONF-21393 XSS vulnerability in Pagetree macro Blocker Resolved
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  1. Bug Tracker

    JIRA offers both RSS and email subscription service for filters.
    RSS: Subscribe by copying the link into your favourite RSS reader.

    That subscribe link doesn't seem to be working.

    1. It works for me.

      Perhaps it's not working because of the number of issues returned from that RSS?

      Try limiting it to 10 for a test: