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This page describes the known issues for Confluence 3.3 The entire set of version specific bugs are shown in the JIRA Issues Filter below. The Content by Label window contains Knowledge base issues known to affect this release.

Knowledge Base - Known Issues

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Knowledge Base

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Confluence 3.3 Known Bugs


Note that this filter contains bugs with the field Affects Version set. It does not comprise the entire set of bugs; specifically, it does not include bugs reported in prior versions.

T Key Summary P Status
Bug CONF-26081 Not all PDF content viewable with viewfile macro Major Resolved
Bug CONF-25886 Login fails if total number of failed login attempts is too large Major Resolved
Bug CONF-25764 Search times out with specific search terms Major Resolved
Bug CONF-23249 Word exports of pages when re-imported back to Confluence, throws error "The selected file is not a valid binary Word 97-2003 document" Major Resolved
Bug CONF-23159 The mysql database instructions are broken Major Resolved
Bug CONF-23137 XSRF Token Interceptor fails with NoSuchMethodException for constructor-injected plugin actions Major Resolved
Support Request CONF-23046 Page preview breaks in Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox Minor Resolved
New Feature CONF-22667 Feature to create jira issues, just by highlighting a line in a confluence page or a line in the word document uploaded Resolved
Bug CONF-22664 OutOfMemoryError when indexing Excel files Major Resolved
New Feature CONF-22458 Confluence instant email notifications sent when someone updates a page/space Closed
New Feature CONF-22433 pagetree macro: need the option to sort child pages by arbitrary order New
Bug CONF-22361 Display Excel with viewfile does not respect filter that was last saved after editing Minor Open
Bug CONF-22335 Back button broken for anchor links when using the Documentation Theme... Minor Open
Task CONF-22301 Fix broken link in "Adding Special Characters to your Wiki Page" page Minor Resolved
Bug CONF-22267 Template administration screen is visible to anonymous users... Minor Open
Improvement CONF-22236 Support monospace text with trailing or leading spaces, and with adjacent letters Resolved
Bug CONF-22125 java.util.logging (jul) is blocking ehcache gets Minor Resolved
Bug CONF-22064 Icons don't render for the web-item system.dashboard Minor Resolved
Bug CONF-21990 Attachment migration from DB to filesystem fails with either OOME or exhausted file handles Minor Resolved
Bug CONF-21986 Database deadlock during initialisation of plugins Critical Resolved
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  1. Your link at the very top to subscribe to 3.3 Known Issues links to version 3.4...

    1. This is a global snippet that's on the top of all of the pages in the Confluence KB space. The KB changes going on are a work in progress and we're either rewording it to make it more clear, or linking to a cumulative RSS landing page where you can pick and chose by version. =)

      1. ....aaaaaand done! The message now links to our Confluence Knowledge Base Feeds page, where you can pick and choose subscriptions quickly. No need to jump around to each Known Issues Page.

        1. well, that was quick! Thanks!