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The articles below are general troubleshooting help.

Page: 'java.lang.ClassFormatError - Incompatible Magic Value' When Adding a Patch Due to Invalid Download Page: Attachments no Longer Open in Browser Users are Prompted to Download Page: Asian Characters After Changing Confluence Encoding to UTF-16 Page: Unable to Update Team Calendars for Confluence After Confluence Upgrade Page: No Data on Global Activity or Site Statistics Page For Some Days Page: Layout Issues after upgrade Page: Confluence Uses More Memory Than The Total Allocated Memory in System Information Screen Page: Service-specific Error Code 4 When Starting Confluence Service in Windows Page: Missing Few Filters In Gadget Configuration When Using JIRA Time Sheet Macro In Confluence Page: Unable to preview attachments using the new file preview in a page after upgrade to 5.7 and later versions Page: Fail to Disable Captcha on Server installation of Confluence Cloud Release (x.x-OD-x) Page: Servlet.service() for servlet tiny-url threw exception java.lang.IllegalStateException ERROR Page: Encoding Problem Due to Unsupported Database Configuration Page: Page is not saved Intermittently and Content Loss Due to Database Scheduled Maintenance Plan Page: Nothing happened in the page when inserting YouTube video using Widget Connector Page: Is Displayed Below The Page Title After Upgrade Page: Unable to connect to JIRA for authentication - Forbidden 403 Page: Member of crowd-administrators Group Is Unable to See Administration Menu Page: Unable to Preview Office Documents After Upgrading to Confluence 5.7.x Because of NGINX Cache Configuration Page: Set Task to be Completed Causing 'Oops! Your task change couldn't be saved' Error Page: High CPU at specific time for few hours Page: Ask question bar almost hidden