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In Confluence 3.1 and Confluence 3.2, the Office Connector plugin was enhanced to support indexing of Office 2007 document formats (such as .xlsx, .docx and .pptx).  This functionality was released in Office Connector 1.6 and Office Connector 1.7, respectively.

Indexing of Office 2007 Excel files (.xlsx) can cause Confluence to consume large amounts of memory. Internal testing shows that indexing a 5MB Excel file causes Confluence to allocate up to 1.8GB of heap memory in order to index the file.

Additionally, using the {viewfile} or {viewxls} macro to embed an Office 2007 Excel file in a Confluence page can cause Confluence to consume all available CPU resources (ie. locking at 100% CPU) until the Confluence instance is restarted.


These are known issues reported at CONF-19674 and CONF-19779 (not publicly viewable).


Change their Office Connector plugin version to 1.6.2, which also includes a patch for this issue.

To install this patch,

  1. Browse through the bundled plugins folder at <confluence_install>\WEB-INF\classes\com\atlassian\confluence\setup\
  2. Unzip the files under a known location, locate OfficeConnector-1.*.jar save a copy, and delete it.
  3. Download OfficeConnector-1.6.2.jar and place inside this location.
  4. Zip the contents of this folder.
  5. Replace the new zip file, renamed to

Change to using Office Connector 1.6.2 which has the fix for both issues. Further information is at CONF-19779.


Customers experiencing this issue are advised to upgrade to Confluence 3.3 or higher, which contains a version of the Office Connector that addresses this issue (1.12).

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  1. Instructions are at CONF-19779

    What instructions are missing since that issue is not publicly viewable.

  2. Is another workaround to disable the offending extractors in the Office Connector Plugin from plugin administration?

  3. Hi we're  currently using Confluence 3.1 and Office Connector 1.7.1.

    Currently we're having issue with edit document for excel file reported here:

    but it's only occurs in our production instance.

    Also we're having performance issue with the production instance, I wonder if it's related to this issue.

    Should we use Office Connector 1.6.2?



    1. Hi Fahmi,

      The performance fixes were backported to 1.6.2 and we do recommend you try this version first.

      As with the edit functionality, this version most probably will not address

  4. Is this still an issue with Confluence 4.1.4?

    1. No, this only applies to Confluence 3.1 and 3.2.