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Use this page to troubleshoot any problems you may have with the Team Calendars Plugin. For instructions on plugins installation, configuration and usage with the Team Calendars Plugin, please consult the documentation.

Known Issues from our Knowledge Base

The following knowledge base articles can help with troubleshooting:

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Page: 'Bad Request' displayed and Time Zone requested when viewing embedded Team Calendar Page: 'Some events were not shown in the calendars below because there were too many of them' error in Team Calendar Page: "Illegal character" ERROR when Trying to Create an Event in Team Calendar Page: Calendar Does Not Show Up In Search Result Page: Calendars aren't displayed due to invalid Time Zone Page: Cannot Add an Event in People Calendars Page: Cannot Apply Team Calendar License due to "Incompatible with product license" Error Page: Cannot Apply Team Calendar License due to Invalid license Specified Error Page: Error subscribing to Google Calendar despite the correct credentials on Team Calendar Page: JIRA Calendar Read Timed Out Page: Long Running Event on Team Calendar leads to 500 - GC overhead limit exceed/"Internal Server Error" Page: Team Calendar cannot be edited by a user who have permission Page: Team Calendar not able to load in Clustered Environment Confluence Page: Team Calendar plugin not working or cannot enable plugin Page: Team Calendars display Error 500 for Some Users Page: Team Calendars not linking to users due incorrect timezone settings Page: Team Calendars Not Working Due to Error 'The calendar id can only contain letters or numbers' Page: Team Calendars Performance Problems Page: Team Calendars Plugin's license type (null) is not the same as Confluence's license type (null) Page: Team Calendars Shows Nondescript Error Box or 'No Transport' Error Page: Unable to Enable Team Calendars after Upgrading Plugin to Version 2.5.0 or Higher Page: Unable to load events of X: You may want to check the connection to JIRA