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When upgrading to Confluence 2.7.4, some database tables/columns fail to become created

The following error is shown in the logs:


The exact cause is unknown, however the schema update process (hbm2dll) most likely failed to run (or run to completion) upon the upgrade.


There are three options:

  1. Upgrade to Confluence 2.8.3 to force a schema update


  2. Add 


    In the setenv.bat file after the %JAVA_OPTS% variable. This file can be located at Confluence Installation\bin\.
    After the upgrade is done remove the -Datlassian.forceSchemaUpdate=true line from the setenv.bat file.

  3. If you are using MS SQL as your database server use below query:



    That will change make your database case insensitive. After the upgrade is done shutdown your confluence and return your database to case sensitive with below query:


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