Documentation for Crowd 2.9. Documentation for earlier versions of Crowd is available too.

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This page shows the highlights of the major Crowd releases.

Current Release

For information about the latest release, please go to the Crowd Release Notes.

Crowd 2.9 — 10 May 2016

  • Oracle 12c is now supported
  • Additional functions have been added to the REST API

Crowd 2.8 — 10 Nov 2014

  • Full UI makeover
  • Option to merge group memberships from multiple directories
  • New experimental lightweight OpenID server
  • Upgrades to Spring LDAP 2.0, Apache HttpComponents 4.3
  • PostgreSQL 9.3 is now supported

Crowd 2.7 — 23 Sept 2013

  • User rename
  • Scheduled backups
  • Improved Microsoft Active Directory integration
  • Simpler setup
  • More in the Crowd 2.7 Release Notes

Crowd 2.6 — 11 Feb 2013

  • Faster LDAP & Active Directory synchronization
  • Local groups management for LDAP connectors
  • More in the Crowd 2.6 Release Notes

Crowd 2.5 — 6 Aug 2012

  • JDK 7 support
  • Crowd console performance improved with large numbers of groups
  • Database drivers are now bundled for PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle
  • More in the Crowd 2.5 Release Notes

Crowd 2.4 — 11 Jan 2012

  • Remote Crowd directories are synchronized incrementally when possible
  • The previously selected directory is selected by default on new pages
  • More in the Crowd 2.4 Release Notes

Crowd 2.3 — 20 July 2011

Crowd 2.2 — 10 March 2011

  • Crowd Query Language
  • Simple, Quick Configuration of JIRA and Confluence
  • Connection to Other Crowd Servers
  • Improvements to the LDAP Connector
  • More in the Crowd 2.2.2 release notes

Crowd 2.1 — 1 December 2010

  • Improved Apache and Subversion Connectors
  • Database-Backed Caching for All LDAP Directories
  • LDAP Connection Pooling
  • Secure Password Resets
  • More in the Crowd 2.1 release notes

Crowd 2.0 — 30 July 2009

  • Introducing User Aliases
  • Nested Groups in All Crowd Directories
  • Automatic Group Membership for New Users
  • Improved User and Group Management UI
  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Database Support
  • New REST API
  • Plugin Framework 2.2 and REST Module
  • More in the Crowd 2.0 release notes

Crowd 1.6 — 17 December 2008

  • Smarter Caching
  • Quick Application Setup
  • Connectors for OpenDS, Fedora DS and OpenLDAP (Posix)
  • Spring Security 2
  • More in the Crowd 1.6 release notes

Crowd 1.5 — 4 September 2008

  • Single Sign-On to Google Apps
  • Connector for Apple Open Directory
  • Plugin Framework 2.0 and API
  • More in the Crowd 1.5 release notes

Crowd 1.4 — 8 May 2008

  • Nested Groups
  • Self-Service Console
  • Novell eDirectory Connector
  • Posix Support for LDAP Directories
  • Plugin Framework
  • More in the release notes

Crowd 1.3 — 4 March 2008

  • LDAP Authentication with Crowd Groups and Roles
  • Cross-Directory User Importer
  • Streamlined User Interface
  • Simplified Installation, Setup and Integration
  • Configuration of Logging and Profiling via Console
  • Improved Performance and Efficiency
  • Highlights for the Developers
  • Plus Over 60 Improvements and Bug-Fixes
  • More in the release notes

Crowd 1.2 — 27 November 2007

  • Directory Permissions per Application
  • Group and Role Membership Browser
  • Improved Browser for OpenID Login History
  • NTLM Support
  • Improved Integration with Jive Forums
  • Acegi Application Connector
  • Group-Based Authorization Added for Subversion
  • New Importer for Bamboo Users
  • More in the release notes

Crowd 1.1 — 20 June 2007

Crowd 1.0 — 5 March 2007

  • UI improvements with new screen layouts.
  • Import and Export process for XML.
  • LDAP Fixes for OpenLDAP and Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Improved error reporting.
  • Apache / Subversion support
  • More in the release notes
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  1. Any news and a rough ETA on when Crowd 2.9 and 2.10+ will be released or is the plan now to jump right to Crowd 3.0?

    1. Now that we know Crowd 2.9 was released on 10 May 2016, can we at least get a rough ETA on Crowd 3.0 i.e. will it be released in Q3/Q4 2016, 2017, or later?

      1. Thank you very much for your interest in Crowd Benjamin D. Smith. Is there any particular feature or bug fix you are anticipating in Crowd 3.0 release? Or are there any other reasons why you are asking specifically about 3.0 release?

        1. Thank you for getting back to me Marcin Kempa (smile)

          Where to begin...

          1. Support for two-factor authentication in Crowd. (CWD-677)
          2. Email user login details when their account is created in Crowd. (CWD-1320)
          3. Notify users by email when their passwords are about to expire and when they are already expired (CWD-1765)
          4. As an admin, I want to bulk-expire user passwords (CWD-4270) - with CWD-4271 now resolved hopefully this issue is not far behind it?
          5. Support for custom profile attributes between Crowd and integrated apps (CWD-3196)
          6. Allows redirection to Crowd for login (CWD-3153)
          7. Crowd should host avatars, not individual apps (CWD-2165)
          8. Skinnable / Customisable User Console (CWD-925)
          9. Support the Universal Plugin Manager in Crowd (CWD-3157)
          10. Add UI to bulk Activate/Deactivate users (CWD-1930)

          Above is our top 10 pain points at the moment when it comes to Crowd and while there are more, it would be great if at least some of the above-listed issues were resolved with Crowd 3.0 or even Crowd 2.10 if that's planned prior?


          1. Thank you for this detailed list Benjamin D. Smith! Your input about features that should be included in Crowd is very valuable for us.

            Indeed at the moment we are working on Crowd 2.10.0 release, however it will be mostly addressing some performance issues in Crowd.

            As for Crowd 3.0.0 we are currently shaping our roadmap and we will definitely take those points into consideration. Unfortunately at this stage I cannot share any more details nor I can promise any release dates.

            1. Thanks for the update Rahul Meshram (thumbs up)

              May I ask if Atlassian has plans to improve their rollout schedules for future releases so that they are within less than a year?

              As while I understand that you have to double down on your due diligence for Crowd as User Directories are a core pillar of most organisations and require the highest levels of uptime for mission critical tasks. I believe you will make a lot of people happy if you can provide at least 1 major release within each year to convince your customers that renewing their Crowd's maintenance period annually is worthwhile.